Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate
I used this recipe for the spices, not for the hot chocolate itself.

I wanted to try a holiday drink recipe that we could enjoy as a family on Christmas Eve. Last year Thomas opened up a gift on Christmas Eve and it was a pair of Christmas pajamas. Kevin and I enjoyed some hot chocolate and we all watched a Christmas movie in our pj's. It's something we hope to make a tradition every year and as Thomas gets older he can enjoy some hot chocolate as well. 

This year I thought it might be nice to make the hot chocolate a little more Christmas-y and this recipe was perfect. A little hack is to just use a hot chocolate mix and add the holiday spices to it. That's what I did (only so I could test out the hack, not because I was feeling lazy) and it was delicious. I had to add some extra spice though because I found the amount in the recipe a little mild but it's easy to adjust to your taste.

A couple more drink recipes I'm hoping to try over the holidays are a Cranberry Mojito >>Recipe<< and a Mulled White Wine >>Recipe<<. I'm normally just a white wine gal so I thought a Mulled White Wine would be really nice. I also thought a holiday mojito would be delicious because a traditional mojito is my favourite summer time drink.

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