Playing Dress Up

Zara Coat (old), Loft Dress (Alicia's) & Zara Pumps

I like to call this look 'I stole a dress out of my cousin's closet because I hate everything I own and love everything she owns but I don't want to buy anything new'. The name is still a work in progress but I stand by it. I fell in love with this dress when Alicia wore it this past September so when I saw it hanging in her closet I grabbed and held on for dear life. Luckily she understands my crazy and let me borrow it for a dinner date. I recently did a closet clean out and while I love the more streamlined wardrobe I have right now, I have a few holes in wardrobe that I need to fill. I'm not in any rush to fill them and in the meantime I appreciate that I have such a stylish cousin who is willing to let me play dress up in her wardrobe.

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