Almost 10 Months?!

Something that has been top of mind for me lately is the reality that Thomas is almost 10 months old. That means I'm only a couple months away from him turning one and my return to work. I'm feeling very aware of how quickly time is passing and I'm really trying to treasure every moment with Thomas. I'll be going back to work in a new position which I am looking forward to. I was the general manager before leaving but wanted to have a little more flexibility upon my return so my new role will be around people development, something I am extremely passionate about. As much as I'm looking forward to this new challenge, I am struggling with the idea of not spending all day every day with my baby boy.

We were really fortunate to be able to get Thomas into an amazing daycare a few days a week so I'm so lucky that I don't have to stress about where he will be when I'm back at work. I'm just not ready to  think about my days at work with him at daycare because I am loving (or obsessed with) every second I am at home with him. I'm trying to avoid thinking about it too much and I'm happy living in a state of blissful denial.

I am absolutely loving this stage in Thomas' development. This kid has the best little personality (I realize I'm biased) and he makes me laugh so much. We've had some difficult days with teething but the most difficult part is knowing he's in pain and I can only do so much to help. We are on a bit of a teething break at the moment so we've had lots of time with our happy little boy. Is there anything better than when a baby gets the giggles?

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