Quick, Easy and Delicious Valentine's Day Treats!

I don't see Valentines day as a day to celebrate couples, but as a day to celebrate love in general and enjoy a few chocolate treats. Not to brag but I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to sugary sweets.

Lately I've had a love for white chocolate (I might be confusing love with dependency)  so I was on my way to the grocery store to pick up a heart shaped box of Rafaello's. For the record, I stand by my decision to buy myself chocolates for Valentine's Day. Rafaello's are a holiday favourite of mine but I'm technically allergic to the almond in the middle so they aren't exactly the best choice for me. That's when I remembered I had found a recipe for Rafaello's and I decided to have some fun. I also knew that getting creative in the kitchen would be more of a budget friendly option.

Thomas was playing on his own which I knew would give me about an hour in the kitchen so I started with some white chocolate dipped pretzels.

First step was to melt the white chocolate. Using two sauce pans of the exact same size I put a little bit of water in one and brought it to a boil. I placed the white chocolate in the second sauce pan and placed on top of the first one. Since it fit snuggly, the steam from the bottom sauce pan melted the chocolate in the pan above without burning it.

I dipped a few pretzels in the white chocolate and set them aside. Next I added a few drops of red food colouring to create light pink chocolate and dipped a few more pretzels. Then I added a few more drops of red food colouring and repeated the process. This created a pink ombré of chocolate coloured pretzels. I topped those off with a variety of sprinkles I had in my baking cupboard.

Now for the white chocolate truffles! I used this Raefello recipe and it is delicious. It's a vegan recipe so if you're plant based it's a great option for you. I chose to replace the vegan chocolate and butter with non vegan options.

Once I had made the truffle mixture I had to move pretty quickly. I needed to do everything before the mixture cooled completely. I scooped out 3 little scoops of white mixture using a small cookie scoop. I cut each one in half and set them aside. Then, using the same process as when I dyed the chocolate pink, I dyed the truffle mixture a light pink. I scooped out 3 little scoops and cut them in half. I then repeated the whole process one more time with a darker pink truffle mixture.

I rolled the white truffles into small balls and then in the coconut. For the pink truffles I attempted to dye the coconut a light pink with little success. I ended up with a very light pink and white coconut mixture with a few hot pink pieces of coconut mixed in. At this point I was running out of Thomas free time so I just finished up coating the truffles with what I had.

I also decided to get festive and turn a few of each colour into little hearts which I think turned out adorable.

I think these truffles and pretzels would look so cute in little bags and given as gifts! They will also look equally as cute in my fridge and then given to myself for Valentine's Day.

If you're looking for a couple quick, easy and delicious last minute treats for V-Day I highly recommend giving these a try. If you can only make one... I have a soft spot for these truffles. They are insanely addictive. Even if you don't feel like dying them different shades of pink they would still be such a great gift for someone!

Or, if your Valentine's Day looks anything like mine, you will be eating these treats while watching Scandal on Netflix while a baby sleeps on you.

Happy Love Day from my little kitchen helper and me.

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