Reflecting on January

With January coming to an end (what!?) I've been reflecting on how the year has started. As far as my new years resolution of "Effort" goes, I think I'm doing pretty well. It's been helpful when trying to stay motivated to ask myself how much effort I'm putting in and will I see the results I'm looking for. I've also been trying to set weekly and/or monthly intentions. Right now I'm challenging myself to live a little more in the uncomfortable. Getting out of my comfort zone will be really important in ensuring Thomas gets to try new things and gets all the experiences I would like him to have.

I'm also trying to really slow down and enjoy every day a little more. I'm always looking ahead and if January has reminded me of anything it's that Thomas is over 6 months old and time is flying by. I'm definitely loving watching him get older but I really want to cherish each moment of it.

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