20 Pieces for 20 Days | Week Two Round Up

This week I realized two things. First off, I really do love the snow when I'm not driving in it. Second, my bare legs are as pale as the snow... which makes me wonder why I was wearing bare legs at all. I have been loving my fleece lined tights again this year! I didn't wear them last winter because I was pregnant but they are just amazing. I am also happy that I didn't formally decide on all 20 pieces at the start of this. Halfway through week 2 I realized I had only been styling 17 pieces so I was able to go into my closet and pull together an outfit using an item I hadn't worn in week one.

I can't believe we are so close to Christmas! I'm happy to say I am done all of my shopping and everything is wrapped and under the tree. One more week!

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