20 Pieces for 20 Days | Final Week Round Up

I'm done! First off, Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I can't believe it's already the 24th of December!

So the last 20 days were a lot easier than I expected. Most of my outfits were simple and similar (sweaters and jeans for the win) but that's how I was the happiest. The weather ended up being pretty cold for the entire 20 days so I was bundled up. 

I will do a full round up after Christmas where I will list everything I wore. Until then, here is my week three round up. Obviously some pieces I styled a handful of times and a few of the items only were worn once. In fact, on day 20 I realized I had only been styling 19 pieces so I pulled out a sequin number to feel a little more festive for Christmas Eve. I can't say I'll be able to wear sequins all day today but I'll try. 

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