Knee High Boots

I've really come to appreciate shoes and accessories these days. It was one of those mornings when this little babe of mine didn't quite have the patience to let me shower and style my hair so into a low bun it went. When it came to getting ready for a lunch date I accepted that my hair would be a little damp but I still wanted to feel put together. While I love the colour and pattern of this dress it still didn't feel quite right when I paired it with ballet flats. These knee high boots gave me the look I was going for. I've always known that a good accessory or pair of shoes could elevate an outfit but lately I've been reminded that even when my clothes are covered in drool I can still feel good in what I'm wearing. Not that anyone looks at me these days. Heck, I couldn't even keep my eyes off my little guy long enough to take a few photos haha.

Old Navy Dress
Boots are a few years old from Sterling Shoes

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