8 Weeks!?

Baby snuggles are easily my favourite thing in the entire world. So far being a mom has exceeded any expectations I had. I can't say that I really knew what to expect but I honestly had mixed emotions about it. While I was extremely excited and ready to be a mom I was also really scared. I was going to be responsible for another human? Terrifying. Thomas arriving three weeks early just set things in motion quickly and I stopped having time to overthink everything. Now my fears are less about the idea of being a mom and just about Thomas in general. Is he happy? Is he getting the right amount of sleep? Is he eating enough? Ha, who am I kidding, our little chubster is definitely eating enough haha.

I have loved every second I've spent with our little guy over the past 8 weeks and that love has far outweighed any fears. Anyone who follows me on Instagram (@melissa_cartier) or snapchat (missmelissa_k) will tell you how obsessed I am with little Tommy. I just feel so lucky that I get to be his mommy. He's such a good boy! Don't get me wrong, he definitely has some fussy moments. When he's hungry his cry could be mistaken for what I assume a velociraptor shriek would have sounded like, but who doesn't get a little hangry from time to time? I try to remind myself when he's upset that his body and mind are going through so much so quickly. These changes are uncomfortable and scary so it's natural he would get upset. We like to think that when he's fussy it means he's learning and some days we assume he is on his way to being a genius with how much he's learned haha. Luckily when he is upset it's usually for a reason and he can be consoled pretty easily.

He just has such a little personality already. His legs are so strong and he gets frustrated that he can't walk yet. He loves to look out windows. He hates the hiccups. He loves dancing with mommy. He's just learning how to smile now and I can't handle the adorableness. I could go on and on here haha.

We are still figuring this whole mom/dad/baby thing out but I think we are doing a pretty decent job! Our biggest challenge is trying to get Thomas to be a little more independent at night but as much as I would like that to happen, I know one day I will look back and cherish these moments when all he wants is to be in my arms.

Sometimes I can't believe he's only 8 weeks but then I can't believe he's already 8 weeks. He's learning so much and growing so quickly and while I love seeing him learn I need the growing up part to slow down! If time could slow down even the teensiest bit I'd really appreciate it.



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