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For some reason when Spring hits I always get the urge to go and try new cosmetics. I have a list of products from the drug store and sephora that I want to try this spring and summer but before I test those, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite products that I currently use.

I used to be a legitimate product junkie. The amount of products that I would purchase and never use was kind of gross now that I think about it. So much waste! I'm definitely not perfect now because even with the best intentions I will still try new products and if I don't like them than I just don't like them. Now I am more careful about what products I buy to try and I also try to make sure that I don't get too swept up in the idea of new products and I tend to rely on my good ol' favourites a little more often.

I love reading blog posts or watching youtube videos for recommendations but the most difficult thing is that we all have such different skin types! I did my own makeup for my wedding and I became obsessed with trying to find my ideal under eye concealer. Do you know how difficult that was? My under eye concerns aren't going to be the same as other women's. I'll be doing a follow up blog post as well about the favourite products I discovered while planning for my wedding makeup look!

So let's quickly talk about my skin type so you can decide if some of these products will work for you! It's dry. That's my professional opinion. Some days I feel like my face is so thirsty that it just sucks my makeup off my face through my pores which is annoying but if I moisturize enough that doesn't happen. I find it happens the most when I'm tired so maybe my skin just has temper tantrums when it's sleepy. I could guess that my skin might be dehydrated but I drink as much water as humanly possible without drowning internally so if it is dehydrated than it just needs to get over it because there is not much else I can do!

A little something to note, please don't judge my nails in these photos. I recently had a shellac manicure (because I'm such a lady) and naturally when it started to grow out I ripped the shellac polish off of my nails like a maniac instead of getting it removed professionally. So my nails are looking rough. Could I have attempted to make them look better before taking photos of them while holding products? Sure! But I'm lazy and flawed.  (Also, I swear my hands aren't as dry as these photos make them look. My dreams of becoming a hand model have officially been crushed).

Let's get into it!

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-up remover. Starting with a makeup remover might not make the most sense but it's probably the item in this post that I have repurchased the most. I can't even put into words how much I love it (which is handy when I'm writing a blog post). I just shake it up, put a small amount on 
a cotton ball and gently wipe my makeup away. It takes all eye makeup off effortlessly. Back when I was blogging more I had been given samples of other eye makeup removers to buy and nothing compares in my opinion. At least from the drug store! I still have yet to find a face wash that I love so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know!

Also, before anyone comments about how cotton balls absorb access product and waste it and I should use cotton pads... I just don't like them! I get way better results with cotton balls and they feel better on my skin. They also remove the makeup easier so I don't have to rub too hard. If I waste a tiny bit of extra makeup remover in the process, so be it.
Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel Cream: If you can't tell by the empty container, this was my go to gel cream last summer. I switched to another cream in the winter when my skin got extra dry (which I don't love enough to share just yet but maybe soon). I will be buying another one of these this summer as it was the perfect amount hydration for my skin last year.

Two Faced Natural Eyes. I'm going to be honest and say that I have no idea if this palette is still available but I just wanted to talk about it because it's rare I hit pan on eye shadows. I love 'heaven' for an every day neutral colour and I used silk teddy, cashmere bunny and pushup a lot. Chocolate martini is gorgeous for a smokey eye and sexspresso has been used to fill in my brows on occasion. I've been using this palette for a while so I haven't really tried out any drug store eye shadows recently but I know there are some great new ones out on the market so I'll let you know if I find any I love.
Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Polish: This is the only nail polish I have tried which will last on my nails for longer than one day. One day. That's how long nail polish normally lasts on my nails. This will last 3-4 days which probably means on you normal ladies it'll last a lot longer. Also the price is great and the variety of colours just keeps on growing!
Revlon Colorburst balm stain in the colour Honey is my perfect "your lips but better" shade. I have repurchased it a couple times now and I really love it. I can't say that it has amazing staying power but it's been one of my favourite lip colours for a reason!
This Almay bronzer (I think it's in the shade sunkissed but it's rubbed off the back so I can't read it very well) was perfect for the winter months. It adds the right amount of bronze to the skin without making it look dirty or overly tanned. As someone who doesn't self tan my body regularly, I don't want a bronzer that will make my face 2 shades darker than my body so I love the subtle healthy glow I get from this. My favourite drug store bronzer for the summer at the moment is Annabelle's Biggy Bronzer in Haute Gold. I couldn't take a photo of it because it is almost empty haha. Their website will show you what it looks like here.

These are my three favourite mascaras at the moment. I really love the Benefit Roller Lash and have purchased it more than once. It creates a really full, lush lash on me and does actually life the eyelashes a bit. It also lasts well throughout the day.

The Annabelle Big Show was one that was given to me at a London Drugs cosmetics event a few years ago and it ended up being a huge pleasant surprise! I have since re-purchased it but forgot about it after discovering the benefit roller lash. I spotted it again at the drug store and bought another one and still love the bold lashes it gives me. It doesn't last as well as the roller lash and by the end of the night (after a good 12 hours or so) can flake a little bit onto the skin. I still love it though.

The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara is fairly similar to the Roller Lash actually. It just creates a really nice full lash and has good lasting power. I wore the waterproof version at my wedding.

There are SO many mascaras available in both the drug store and in stores like Sephora but I really struggle to find ones that work for my light and fine lashes. I have also loved L'oreal's Voluminous Power Mascara in the past but it really didn't have much lasting power on me.

I think that's it for now! I do have a few more favourites that I discovered while researching wedding makeup so I will post those very soon as well. I also have some new products I've been trying that I love as well as some products I've seem really hyped online that I haven't really decided that I love yet.

If you have any recommendations please pass them along.

*I purchased all of these products and am not being sponsored by any of these companies*

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