Hello, friends! Long time no blog!

For those of you who don't know, I recently got married! I started to feel really conflicted about how many photos to share on my social media. I was obviously really excited to share photos from our day (and the days before and after) but I was trying to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone wants to be bombarded with photos of our wedding.

At the same time, I have been asked by a good number of people to see more photos! I decided to resurrect the blog to post some photos so those of you who love looking at wedding photos as much as I do can take a look and those who don't... well, they don't have to.

These are the photos from cell phones (thanks to Jessica, Jen, Alicia, Adam, Alison Alex and Carly for some of these). It's just a little peek into the day and some of the details. Please stalk our hashtag on instagram as well to see the amazing photos our friends posted. #happilyevercartier

Our wedding took place at the Galvan Estate (A house we rented) in Palm Springs. There was a lot of DIY (flowers etc) and set up for the day which is what most of the detailed shots are and we are so appreciative of our friends and family for their help. If you're interested I can post more details in another post when I get the professional photos back? Let me know!

Us ladies did our own hair and makeup which gave us a lot of time to relax and enjoy the rest of the morning.

The morning after... 

The little sneak peek we received from our photographer (Ashley of Ashley LaPrade Photography)


  1. Congratulations! the setting looks amazing :) love your dress you look beautiful

    Bee happy x


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