101 ways to wear a romper

Wearing: Joe Fresh Trench, Club Monaco Romper, Aldo Pumps & Barefoot Contessa Necklace

I'm just kidding, I'm not going to show you 101 ways to wear this romper. I really should though, I wear it all the time.

So what's new with all of you? Our kitchen renovations are done and I looooove how they look. We* updated the cabinets to white, put a white tile back splash and painted the walls a really nice grey/green. It's so bright now! (*I am using the word 'we' very loosely. Kevin did all of the work. I just watched)

We booked our camping site for July. We go to one of those camp sites that is so popular that you have to book the site 3 months in advance by competing with everyone else who wants the site. It's like trying to get concert tickets to a concert with only 30 seats and I am not laid back enough for the stress that comes along with maybe getting the camp site when you want it. Luckily we got the site we wanted on the date we wanted to I am counting down the days until we go.

What's new with all of you?


  1. Oh yay!!! The kitchen sounds amazing. Blog tour please, or better yet, we'll come over with celebratory wine!! And 101 ways to wear a romper you say?! I'm in!!! xoxo

  2. It looks super cute on you but I just cannot get behind the romper, at least not for myself. I like the idea of them but they just look terrible on me.


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