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My love of skirts stems from the fact that they work really well with my body type. I graduated high school with no curves but when I turned 19 these hips appeared and apparently I'm stuck with them. This style of skirt emphasizes my waist and flows away from my hips which is exactly what I need. I'm sure I'll come to terms with my curvy lower body eventually... it's only been 12 years. Give a girl a little time, okay?


  1. right? if only high school set the stage for the rest of life! I would be wearing modrobes on the blog everyday and have a job as a poster painter, the perfect life!

    I'm always afraid to match pink and red but you've done so effortlessly. I love it.

  2. Love that pretty little velvet skirt!

  3. um you have an amazing body!! and that skirt is gorgeous :)

  4. Hello, happiest 2014!! Honestly, I think your body is perfect. But we're always our worst critics, right?! I certainly have my own list of complaints. ;) And this outfit... stunning! Love the colour combo and beautiful textures. Hope to see you soon, currently I'm fighting off the worst flu. Blah! xoxo

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  5. Gorgeous look! Love the delicate blouse with the velvet skirt! And the color combo is gorgeous!

    Happy New Year Melissa!

    Bold Subtlety 

  6. LOL Melissa. You have a killer body! I absolutely love those types of skirts on you. This is a pretty look. Very delicate and feminine! xo

  7. So wonderful! The skirt is beautiful, and honestly your figure is perfect so I wouldn't worry about a thing!

    xoxo Ana

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  9. I love the skirt - it really looks great with the blouse.

    I find this type of skirt to be super flattering, so it's the look I gravitate towards as well. Pencil skirts and I sure don't get along as well!

    xoxo Jackie


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