{Wearing: Jacob Coat (c/o), Zara Top (old), True Value Vintage Jeans, Hunter Boots & Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag}
It's really difficult to avoid the cliche blogger rain talk when there is an umbrella and Hunter rain boots in the photos. I'm usually really affected by this gloomy weather and I throw myself a seasonal pity party (everybody's invited). This year I haven't noticed the gloom affecting me as much but it's still early in the season so we'll see what the next few months have to bring. Apparently S.A.D is pretty common so I'm sure there will be quite a few people at this pity party. Are you affected at all by the lack of sun? If you live somewhere that is sunny all year long, it's probably safer for you to not answer that question. All of us sun deprived people will probably attack. We're an angry bunch.