into the evening

{Wearing, Club Monaco Blouse, H&M Shorts, Aldo Sandals & Zara Clutch}

No, you're not seeing double, I am wearing the same t-shirt I was wearing in Monday's post. I'm all for re wearing the pieces in my closet but this outfit was actually worn later the same day. I hadn't planned on changing before Kevin's birthday dinner but after spending most of the day in the hot hot sun I realized I needed to get out of that knee length black skirt. It really wasn't the best decision for that kind of heat.

I didn't have a lot of time to put together outfit number 2 so I kept on the same top and just threw on my lace shorts. I love the detail on both these sandals and sequined clutch so they were easy choices. 

I think both of these outfits would have been acceptable for day or evening and that's mostly because I rarely follow any fashion rules. I'm a firm believer that you should just wear what makes you happy whenever it makes you happy. That's what I tell myself when I wear sweatpants when I quickly run to the grocery store.

Don't judge me. We all know you've done it at least once.


  1. Oh I really love the colour of this top on you! Great look xo

  2. Love how've mixed all these very different items into one great look, those shoes are fab!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  3. No judging here! I actually love that you wore it twice so I can see how you style it! Seriously though.. so obsessed with that tee! I need it!


  4. I agree with you, I don´t like to follow fashion rules either. You look beautiful, I want those white shoes!


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