1. Blu_Ray Pressed Powder: (in 20) "This pressed powder is designed to make skin look flawless and airbrushed" and I think it does it's job well. I'm not normally a pressed powder person but just a little bit of this powder and I really do feel like my skin looks flawless. I have been wearing this when I've been going out and I really like it.

2. TexasLiner Liquid Eye Liner: Liquid eye liner and I are not friends. I have absolutely no talent when it comes to applying liquid liner so when the TexasLiner claimed to be easy to control I was skeptical. It actually lived up to that claim thanks to the "chubby felt tip". It felt far more sturdy than other liquid liners I have tried and I applied it with no problems on my first try.

3. Lip Gloss: (in Las Vegas Strip) This lip gloss goes on really smooth and isn't sticky at all. It stays on as long as other lip glosses I've tried but it isn't a long wear that will stay on while you eat. I actually really love this colour because it's the perfect nude gloss.

4. Water Resistant Blush: (in Ibiza) This blush was one of my favourite products I was shown at the London Drugs beauty event. A water resistant blush (as shown by the water droplets sitting on the top of the blush and bronzer) is perfect for the summer! By the end of a hot and muggy summer day I feel like my makeup has melted off my face so I will rarely wear any. This allows for a pop of colour on the cheeks without the worry that it will be gone within a few hours. The only thing I noticed is that I really need to blend it in well because it sits on top of my skin a little more than other blushes I've tried. I am definitely going to try the bronzer.


  1. I actually really like Cargo makeup! A local boutique used to carry the brand but then stopped so I scooped up a lot of products in their sale. I really like their glosses!

    Bold Subtlety

  2. I've never tried cargo makeup but think I might give it a go! xo



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