photography skills

{Wearing: H&M Blazer and Dress, Matt&Nat Clutch & Zara Pumps}

I've been dating someone for a little while now and he's been really supportive of my blog. We got into a discussion recently about my blog, my photo taking process (Cara and I have been taking each others photos for over a year now) and how blog photos aren't as easy to take as you'd think.  His confidence about his photography skills was intriguing so we went to a nearby park and he played around with my camera for a bit..
I didn't review the photos until a few hours later and that's when I realized he had accidentally cut my feet off in every photo. I obviously didn't care (it was his first attempt at I appreciated his enthusiasm) but I thought it was funny so I showed him. His reply?

"You were having a bad feet day... I was being helpful."

Needless to say I haven't hired him yet as my photographer (and he obviously didn't take these photos) but he's still really good at making me laugh.


  1. haha how funny! My boyfriend used to take my photos, but he's not always around, so I rely on my tripod and remote. :)

  2. as a fellow blogger, I totally understand the difficulty of finding a good photographer. I usually get my bf to do it, but I hate how sometimes he's not around or I'll feel guilty making him do it! xo


  3. Aw he's sounds like a fun guy! Haha! By the way, I love your dress~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  4. Aw, that's a cute story! I don't let my hubby take pictures when I do outfits, because he is so much taller than me that when he shoots downward, it ruins the proportions. :)

  5. How funny! I noticed you two having the same background one day and thought it was pure coincidence. Silly me! Love the yellow on you, so pretty.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. I love this yellow dress. It's the perfect shade of yellow. You look beautiful.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Bahaha... I can so relate to this! The number of times my feet or top of my head is missing when I get Shawn to take my pics is alarming! Bloggers definitely do it best! ;) Glad to hear things are going well for you & your new beau! Being good at making you laugh beats being good at taking blog photos any day!

  8. Oh gosh, how hilarious! He sounds like a fun guy :) And I just love that blazer, the pattern is fantastic.

    xo, alison*elle

  9. LOL sounds like my dad taking my photos :P Love this outfit girl. The blue and yellow is such an awesome combo! Im pretty sure I saw this in H&M! I have the same design in pants as your jacket! LOVE it all! xo

  10. Your new guy sounds like quite the sweetheart!

  11. Hahaha, he sounds cute! My boyfriend has taken a few of my pictures, but I feel a tad awkward around him taking pictures because he doesn't really "get" fashion. He's so cute though - he really makes an effort to make the picture look great, and for me to look like a model... which is not necessarily what I'm looking for at all! My sister does most of my pictures and she does a great job at trying to make them lively!

    Love that blazer! Next time I'm in H&M, I'm trying it on!

    Bold Subtlety

  12. Your man sounds hilarious and so are you so it's a good match! My boyfriend has been taking my pictures and he occasionally cuts off my feet haha oh and I love your dress!


  13. haha, my boyfriend does my pictures. he doesn't like it much, but they turn out ok. much better than with a tripod! gotta love em! I need to find myself a fellow Vancouver blogger for pictures! you guys have a good system going on there!



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