leopard and floral

{Wearing: Jacob Jacket c/o, Club Monaco Blouse, True Value Vintage Jeans, Sterling Booties & Zara Bag}

I was chatting with a fellow blogger yesterday and the topic of work/life/blog balance came up. She mentioned how tired she is and how she feels like she has nothing to talk about because she is just so busy with the non-exciting parts of life... like work, dishes, laundry etc. Do you know what my response was? Thank goodness!! I'm not alone! Haha, I recently spoke on here about that exact topic so to hear someone else talk about it was really comforting. I felt like I was apart of some sort of super secret society for bloggers that feel boring... and it was glorious.


  1. Don't you even worry.. I feel boring all the time.. mainly because I live in the middle of nowhere! I need more blogger friends around me! ps. you look fab!


  2. I feel boring too these days. I think it comes with age. I like that you're real and not pretending your life is glamorous all the time! Oh, and I like the floral with the leopard, very fun!


  3. I love your boots!


  4. That floral blouse is lovely! I am definitely boring. In fact, it's Friday and my weekend plans are to clean my house :)

  5. Even when you don't have much to say, I always find your posts entertaining to read. I love the floral and leopard print combo. You rock it well xo

  6. I have been feeling the exact same way lately! I've decided to blame the weather ha
    Great look - love the booties!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca


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