So I've Realized...

{Wearing: J.Crew Blouse & Skirt, Aldo Pumps, Matt & Nat Clutch}

If I didn't have a style blog I wouldn't even blink an eye at re-wearing items in my closet. But for some reason, perhaps thanks to the fact that so many of my outfits are photographed, I feel like I have to jump up and down waving my arms to warn all of you that I am wearing something you've already seen.

Have any of you ever made me feel obligated to always wear new things? No. So where does this expectation come from? From my own crazy little mind. So here I am, jumping up and down to warn and waving my arms at you that nothing here is new.

If I've realized anything in the past month of barely shopping it's that I really do love styling newly purchased pieces with the pieces that are already in my closet and that I'm getting bored trying to restyle all the same clothing. I've also realized that if I were to go shopping, I'd need to take a sedative first, because I have absolutely no will power on a good day and after not shopping for so long I'd probably buy everything I could see. I've also realized that this problem is probably classified as a shopping problem... darn it!