{Wearing: F21 Sleeveless Trench, RW&Co Blouse, Asos Skirt & Belt, Zara Pumps, Coach Lindsey Satchel, Fossil Multifunction Watch}

I leave for vacation in 8 days it will probably take me those entire 8 days to pack. I am a perpetual over packer but I am really motivated to pack the right amount this trip. Regardless of how much I pack, the Melissa packing process with probably stay the same.

The Melissa packing process:
Step One: I strategically plan outfits for every occasion (step one is really difficult when I'm going somewhere I've never been - hence the over packing)
Step Two: I pack
Step Three: I panic and start adding random "what if" pieces to my suitcase "just in case". Even though my trip is tropical, I should probably pack jeans just in case. Or what if it rains every day? I need to be prepared with a rain coat and umbrella. At this point my already ridiculously large suitcase weighs close to 94 lbs.
Step Four: (This step happens an hour before we leave). I come to my senses and unpack all of my "what if" and "just in case" pieces.

You'd think I would just save some time and skip step 3 and 4 all together but that would just be easy, and why do things the easy way when you can leave for vacation with a huge pile of discarded clothes on the floor?