{Wearing: F21 Sleeveless Trench, RW&Co Blouse, Asos Skirt & Belt, Zara Pumps, Coach Lindsey Satchel, Fossil Multifunction Watch}

I leave for vacation in 8 days it will probably take me those entire 8 days to pack. I am a perpetual over packer but I am really motivated to pack the right amount this trip. Regardless of how much I pack, the Melissa packing process with probably stay the same.

The Melissa packing process:
Step One: I strategically plan outfits for every occasion (step one is really difficult when I'm going somewhere I've never been - hence the over packing)
Step Two: I pack
Step Three: I panic and start adding random "what if" pieces to my suitcase "just in case". Even though my trip is tropical, I should probably pack jeans just in case. Or what if it rains every day? I need to be prepared with a rain coat and umbrella. At this point my already ridiculously large suitcase weighs close to 94 lbs.
Step Four: (This step happens an hour before we leave). I come to my senses and unpack all of my "what if" and "just in case" pieces.

You'd think I would just save some time and skip step 3 and 4 all together but that would just be easy, and why do things the easy way when you can leave for vacation with a huge pile of discarded clothes on the floor?


  1. I'm totally minimal packer...I leave with nothing, and like to come back with a suitcase filled with treats. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. I hear ya, I pretty much do the same thing!! crazy right ... but no matter what you always seem to have a great look going one!! love this classic little outfit!!

  3. Love this outfit - soooo cute :)
    xo Krystin

  4. I'm a horrible over packer too! Last time I went on vacation I had to beg the lady at the airport to let me go even though my bag was overweight! haha Love the outfit btw!



  5. Your top is so pretty! Am in love with those Zara pumps! I'm going to London for 5 weeks and I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to fit everything I want to bring into my suitcase!! It'll have to be filled first with dance and fitness wear cos I can't possibly wear my vintage dresses to theatre workshops hah!

    x Aliya

  6. Those are my same 4 steps to packing too! Lol.
    Love that trench from F21! Gaaah!

    IG @always_ashleyrae

  7. Love the detail on the top!!

  8. Good luck with your packing! I always find it's better to feel like you're underpacked....then you're forced to shop;)

    Jen xo

  9. This is exactly the same as my packing technique! The worst thing about going somewhere new is that you also have no idea what the weather will be doing, hence more overpacking is required. I pack so many 'what if' pieces it's ridiculous! Haha good luck with it :)

  10. It takes me forever to pack as well. Have a great vacation!


  11. I'm a last-minute packer, which usually means I have a massive bag because I don't have time to do step four. Yikes!

  12. good luck packing! I am such a "what if" compulsive clothes adder too!


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