{Wearing: InLoveWithFashion Dress c/o, Aldo Boots, Coach Lindsey Bag}

Photos by Cara

While I generally love shopping of any kind (grocery shopping makes you giddy too right?) I am not a huge fan of car shopping. I am getting a new car at the end of March and I'm dreading the whole process. Mostly because I get distracted by shiny things and I think most car dealerships sense that.

"This car is missing tires. That's okay, put a pretty air freshener in it and she won't notice." Sigh. 

Now I'm sure you all think I'm looking for tips on car shopping and which cars to look at, but fortunately for you I will only be picking from a few cars so no need to give me suggestions.  What I'm looking for advice on is the important part of the car... What color should I get? I'm thinking black.