with or without you

{Wearing: Zara Blouse, Aritzia Skirt, H&M Vest, Fossil Watch, Zara Bag & F21 Pumps}

I've been feeling conflicted when deciding what to wear. Lately I've been drawn to classic and simple looks but then I feel like they are boring. Even though I like them and I feel good in them, I end up deciding they aren't interesting enough and start adding pieces like this faux fur vest until I feel "blog worthy".

When did this start happening? When my blog started to become more style focused it wasn't about proving anything to anyone. It was about showing how I chose to style pieces from my wardrobe and if someone happened to be inspired by it that was great. If not then it was just another outfit posted on the internet for people to see.

Maybe this is just something that happens after having a style blog for a while. You start feeling like you need to keep yourself challenged and blouse/skirt combos just don't feel up to par. Am I alone in this? Do any of you feel this way?


  1. I love the simplicity of this!! The vest is so cute and takes your outfit up a notch! I love it! And the red pumps make it chic!!



  2. Love your outfit choices. Keep them coming.

    One suggestion though...smile in some of your pictures. You have a beautiful smile and it shows you're having fun with the look you're wearing. :-)

  3. I love simple outfits. One of the things I like about blogging is being inspired by other bloggers and discovering that I can recreate a look and add a twist using pieces from my own closet. Also when I get in a rut I remind myself that I'm really documenting my outfits for myself to remind myself to stay fun and classy every day.

    I love this outfit with and without the fur vest.

  4. Love the fur vest- it's a lovely accent to the outfit!

  5. I love the simple skirt!! I have similar one, I should wear it more often:)
    kisses from Milano

  6. You are so not alone. I blog every single day, so there are often lackluster outfits on my blog, but I find I often wonder whether what I'm wearing is really too simple or boring or obvious to be worth showing anyone. It's silly because seeing lovely, simple outfits like what you're wearing here reminds me how great basics can be! You look awesome!

  7. i totally feel ya! i think there's a BIG difference between classic/simple and boring. the point of style blogs aren't (completely) to show off all your fancy outfits, but more to create a picture of what your STYLE is. if that means classic simplicity once in a while, (or more than that,) then it's only being true to yourself to post them!

    love your blog! and for the record, i think you look FANTASTIC with blonde hair ;)


  8. On instagram I voted vest -- but now looking at both outfits here I really do like the simplicity of te shirt and skirt. Although, the vest the outfit is still very cute.

    And I totally relate to what you mean by making an outfit "blogworthy". I usually feel like I need something extra to make an outfit special, although something simple could be just as nice. I need to remember that next time I'm doubting a simple outfit.

  9. I love that vest! I've been looking for one! did you get it a while a go?



  10. I feel like style blogs tend to do that: make you feel like you always have to be up on the latest trends and really edgy, but honestly - that aint style, that's just fashion. Style is being able to work with what you have and feel confident in it. I read somewhere that the most stylish people tend to wear the same things over and over again. I commend you for having a blog and maintaining a signature style!

  11. Simplicity is good! Sure, elaborate layers and a multitude of textures elicits the blog comments and Instagram likes and constant repins. But IRL, I always admire a woman who has the confidence to carry off a well-fitting, minimalist outfit.

  12. Such a gorgeous outfit! I love the fur details and your hair is so beautiful in this post! xx. McKenna Lou

  13. I hear ya with the whole "blog worthy" thing. I almost picked up a faux fur vest yesterday thinking it might be worthy :P


  14. I think both ways are cute but I do really like the simplicity without the vest. I feel ya. Sometimes I feel like I need to keep adding and adding to my oufits to make sure they are cute enough when sometimes black and white pieces are just fine.

  15. Totally understand you with the whole "is this blog worthy?" I haven't even been blogging for long and I've been conflicted with that question. The worst is when you wear an awesome blog worthy outfit and don't take a picture that day.. I hate wasting an outfit! haha mad blogger dramz.


    ps. Love the vest with this outfit!!

  16. classic & simple walks the fine line between boring & amazing!!! clearly you're the later of the two! so chic!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  17. What a beautiful vest! For some reason, I like the last outfit without the vest though. Either way, super chic :-)

  18. I love the simplicity in this look and think it's totally blogworthy! The faux fur and red heels add so much interest to an already chic look!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  19. Melissa, your outfits are always great! I know what you mean about questioning whether something is "good enough" to blog on. It's impossible to feel inspired to create something 100% "blogworthy" all the time, so I don't stress over it.
    For the record, you look fabulous vest-or-no-vest... but I like the vest pics best!
    Have a great weekend!


  20. So cute!
    Do not hesitate to pass on my blog (of Belgium!) if you want it.


  21. You look so pretty.Love you style very much.

  22. I like that fur vest! Sometimes I feel like my outfit isn't "blog worth" but then I post it anyway!


  23. This outfit is super chic, with and without the vest! I totally understand what you're talking about, but for me, this is a good thing. It forces me to put thought into my outfits, which is something I didn't always do before I started blogging. Now, I'm finally dressing the way I have always wanted to. My style can be quite simple at times too, but I think simple outfits are sometimes the most chic. I usually feel at my best in a great skirt and blouse. I guess it's the less-is-more approach. I do however try to incorporate at least one interesting element into every outfit, through colour, texture, layers or accessories. In your outfit, I think the red pumps are the perfect statement and finishing touch.

    xo Jenny


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