black & white

 {wearing: F21 blazer, Zara blouse, H&M Shorts, Aldo Pumps, Pegasus Necklace c\o Stella & Dot & Coach Lindsey Satchel}

I am going through a phase right now where I want to wear black. The last time I went through this phase was in my early 20's and that's only because I was in the middle of my 'clubbing phase' which kind of went hand and hand with my all black phase. I had to own 50 black tank tops because the black halter with the button on it was sooo much different than the black halter without the button. If I was going out on Friday night I would scour the mall at one point Friday during the day to make sure I had a new black tank to wear that night because we couldn't have the bouncer at the night club see me in the same tank top twice. Yah, no, typing that out didn't make it sound any less ridiculous.


  1. Looking great my dear! Love those shorts! and I def had a "clubbing phase" too.. dramz.


  2. I love your outfit !! It's really quite ! The top is really nice.


  3. adore the butterfly printed top!


  4. I adore adore adore this outfit. Love the black and white with the leather and lace. You are looking fabulous.

  5. Haha I know, every black tank is different! I was that way with white ones~


  6. I love it all! It is all perfect, you look so pretty!

    xoxo Sarah Beth

  7. Wow I love this outfit, came across you on Hellocotton's fashion page :) Definitely need that blouse in my life, it's so cute!

    http://www.la-vida-fresa.com xo

  8. I remember those days - and I'm so glad they're behind me. However, that's not to say they weren't fun at the time :)
    I'm also going through a black phase right now. Maybe it's the weather, but it just seems like the perfect colour to tie everything together. Which is exactly what's going on in your look - very chic and pulled together!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  9. HAHA, my early 20s were the same and I sooo own a whole bunch of different blank tanktops/halters from those days that I haven't worn since. I should really get rid of them actually!

    xo, alison*elle

  10. I love the black and white look. And the necklace is gorgeous!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  11. I like you black and white look,so beautiful.
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  12. I love the combination of everything in this outfit. Especially that top and necklace. Classy.

  13. The entire outfit is great. I love those lace shorts. You look fantastic!

  14. love this look!! Black & Gold is my favorite right now


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