a life update (via instagram)

I have had the worst case of writer's block lately but it's only because my life the past few weeks isn't really anything I should talk about on here. It's not bad by any means but it's either work related or involves people that probably don't want their personal life on a blog. Weird right? Here is a bit of my life lately via instagram. Happy Friday my friends.

 {left: Celebrated the 30th birthday of my gorgeous friend Kristi}
{right: Father/ Daughter bonding at the Lion's game}
 {enjoyed a creative dessert at the Ronald McDonald House gala while Chantal Kreviazuk sang}
 {a coffee date with Alicia and one of my fave Vancouver guys, Karm of Vancity Buzz and his adorable son, Toddler Buzz}
 {left: Halloween became 'dress your boss up as a cat and dump 10lbs of candy in front of her' day}
{right: the decorations at my mom's were so festive. It's no wonder she needed help handing out candy to 700+ kids}
 {Such an amazing experience having my makeup done by L'Oreal Paris Canada's official makeup artist Eddie Malter. He gave me some makeup tips which I will be sharing with you in an upcoming vlog!}
 {left: a lazy day meant layering sweaters}
{right: an adorable little lady came over to hang out. And stuff cookies under my tv}
 {left: went through some old pictures and found this old photo of Alicia and I in New York. She was blonde and I was annoyed for some reason}
{right: my first attempt at kale chips}
 {left: my favourite little lady}
{right: having FUN at Lush}
  {left: wearing my F21 leather jacket and L'Oreal lipstick in Cherry Tulle}
{right: vlog editing}


  1. great pics :)


  2. your makeup in done by Loreal Paris looks great, looking forward to the vlog!


  3. great instas! I want to make vlogs, are they difficult? please keep in mind I am computer challenged!


    1. vlogs are just far more intimidating than photos. I cringe every time I post a new video because I feel so vulnerable!

  4. Cuteness! Especially love that photo of you on Halloween, lolll!

  5. Adorable insta-pics. Love your red lips.

  6. Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing :)
    That is an interesting dessert they designed for the gala. Smart cookies.
    I still haven't made it to a Lions game in the redone BC plane... guess I'll catch one next year now.

    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}
    Health & Wellness Blog

  7. Cute pics. We all suffer writer's block. Instagram is a great way to get over it.
    Casual Clothes for Less | Girlie Blog Seattle

  8. I love your lipstick!


  9. you have lovely blog, style and great looking pictures


  10. love. i'm a recent instagramaddict (natalie_hodak)! where did you get that top layering sweater, it looks like something i need in and or around my closet!



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