Shame... So much shame

{Wearing: J.Crew Blouse, Zara Skirt, Aldo Clutch, TopShop Pumps & Fossil Watch}

The other day I lost my keys. Do you know where they were? Underneath a reeses peanut butter cup wrapper that I left on the counter. Just now I went to eat a reeses peanut butter cup and a piece of chocolate flew into my eye.

Chocolate in my eye didn't stop me from eating that RPBC... or another one. It's so shameful. Haha


  1. hahaha, that's hilarious! one time i got a chunk of cheeseburger lodged in my nose; that'll teach me to try making funny noises and faces while i'm eating.

    also, i love that top! i can't wait until it cools down enough here for long sleeves!

  2. Hahaha you always have the funniest little stories :)

    Love that skirt!!!! I have a "mullet skirt" and love it but haven't the slightest clue how to wear it! Every top I try to pair it with looks ridiculous! But you pulled it off so effortlessly :)

  3. you look so classy. wow, I am loving this look!

    Classic & Bubbly

  4. mmmm Reeses are soooo tempting. I recently made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies.. to die for. I ate like 5 at a time so don't worry about being shameful! haha you look cute btw! love the top


  5. what is it about reese's that we just can't resist? haha love the outfit!



  6. This cracked me up! I looooove that top by the way! :)

  7. Awesome outfit, lovely setting and funny story! These kind of accidents are a routine for me!! Your blog is great, I'm your newest follower and hope you'll check out mine too :-) xo Coco

  8. Thats so funny. I remember about a year back I was out having sushi with one of my best guy friends and we had a spicy tuna roll in rice paper that had spicy tobiko in top.. and when my chopsticks went to grab the roll - some spicy tobiko flew up and into my eye. My eye was tearing so bad, and mascara was running, and i could barely keep my eye open long enough to make it to the washroom. Then I had to wash my own eye out in a very darklit washroom, and have one eye with no makeup. So glad I had sunglasses in my purse to cover my horrible exploding tobiko situation. Thankfully it was a great guy friend, and we could laugh about it, opposed to a first date situation!

  9. Chocolate is always the answer. No one cares what the question is.


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