JCI Chromasia Graduation Fashion Show

When I received an invite to the Chromasia Fashion Show being put on by the graduates of the Fashion Business and Creative Arts program at John Casablancas, I knew I had to attend. One of my managers Amanda was apart of the graduating class so the show combined two of my favourite things - fashion and being the best boss ever. With all net proceeds going to the Covenant House Vancouver, it was also for a great cause.

The show was described as "inspired by neon brights, street style, and pop culture" and the graduates didn't disappoint.

The looks were styled using pieces from Bedo, Forever21 and Aldo. The shoes were gorgeous and I found myself really loving the colours and silhouettes of the Bedo pieces.

Congratulations to class 137, you put on an amazing show!


  1. These pictures are so good !! Could you possibly send them to me ? :) they turned out way better than mine did ! Thanks again for writing about the show ! Since you're like the only media that showed up ;)


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