Style Blog Question: Answered

{Wearing: Club Monaco Blouse (last see here), Asos Skirt (last seen here), Coach Lindsey Satchel, Banana Republic Pumps, Fossil Watch}

In my last blog post I joked about the impossible conversation of trying to explain what a style blog is. While the conversation really can be funny, it has left me thinking about why it is we do what we do. Aside from a love of clothes and a love of styling (and obviously a love of my readers and fellow bloggers), why do we go through what can often be stressful processes to keep our style blogs alive?

Some people may never understand why we do what we do but I really am proud of the fact that I am part of a community that allows women of any shape, size, age and budget to be creative and celebrate who she is. I don't claim to be trendy, or innovative in the outfits I put together, or extremely stylish, but I love styling. I am a restaurant manager who has never worked a day in her life in fashion and yet thanks to my blog I have been given some amazing opportunities in my cities fashion community.

So from now on, when someone asks what my blog is about, that is what I am going to tell them. Well that, and the fact that I am completely narcissistic and in love with myself... obviously ;)


  1. Girl, I'm not even sure what it is we do, but I love it. ;)

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. I seriously love the blouse! I feel like you blog so that others can be inspired, next time tell the people asking that your blog is all about inspiration! And that we all love you :)

  3. Love the color of this skirt - it's darling!
    xo Krystin
    Suburban Faux-Pas

  4. I'm a style blogger as well and am still figuring out how to explain it to people. I'm still awaiting the day that I get paid to dress someone, then it'll have a better explanation. "I'm a stylist" sounds better than "I take daily outfit photos and share with the world, and I'm not even a model :) "

    You are quickly becoming a must read of mine. LOVE This skirt. I have one very similar in hot pink that i'm anxious to wear.

    Quick question, which damn restaurant do you work at that you can wear this too?!

    You look FAB.

    xoxo Jessica
    The Style Vita

    1. You're very sweet :) and I can't wear this to work haha. I wear black pants and a blouse to work every day. That's why I don't blog every day because I don't always put on a real outfit ;) I just blog outfits that I wear when I'm not working :)

  5. this is all so true, it is all for the love of something that makes one feel good!!

  6. I love this little fashion blogging community that I have become a part of over the course of a year or so... I don't know why I stay up late at night producing posts for any other reason, than it is my creative outlet, and something very different from my day job as a biomedical researcher!
    keep on doing what ya do!

  7. your blog makes you real. style, fashion and beauty blogs are great but your stories are awesome and always make me laugh and you've got some great styling ideas - don't cut your self short you are tres trendy in my books :) not to mention you helped inspire me to start a blog and even helped me get started - truly appreciate it!

  8. The fashion blogging community has been so nice to me since I've started. To be honest... you and Alicia were some of the first bloggers I started following. When I was living in Vancouver last year, I Googled "Vancouver fashion" (looking for boutiques) and found your blogs!
    I can't take photos every day either as my job isn't one I can dress up for. Keep up the amazing work :)


  9. Haha cute post. I love your outfit but I also love what you said about style blogging. you're definitley right :)

  10. Love your blog! It's so fun and you have a great sense of style! We can't wait to see what you'll wear next! We hope you'll check out our blog as well :)

    Those Four Words

  11. Love your looks and your outlook. Keep it up! :)

  12. You tell them! This is great. Love your take on blogging. Happy Weekend.

    Dream in Fashion

  13. This blouse and skirt are perfect together! You look so polished and pretty. And I really love the way you described style blogging :)


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