Blank Stare

{Wearing: Zara Coat & Blouse, J.Crew Skirt, Zara Pumps, Fossil Multifunction Watch, MonikaLove Bracelet c/o}

Photos by Alicia

I didn't talk about it at the time, but a handful of months back I made the decision to end the long term relationship I was in. I only bring this up now because aside from work, my friends and the gym (haha, that's not really true but I'm throwing that in there to make myself feel better about my pathetic dedication to my work out routine) the only other thing I really have going on is that I'm back in the whole dating scene. And it has been hilarious. Out of respect for any one I have gone on dates with I don't really want to talk about it on here... so I literally have nothing to talk about.

{blank stare}

No seriously, it was so much easier being a blogger when I was in a relationship. Mostly because I could trade football watching time for photos. I'm going to go find a photographer boyfriend solely for the purpose of this blog. Who needs to be in a happy relationship when you can have amazing blog photos? Don't act like all of you single ladies haven't thought the same thing.


  1. You're hilarious - I love your positive approach, and I'm sure there is a line around the block, of wonderful guys who would be willing to take your pictures. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. Love your jacket! super cute.

    xoxo Jessica

  3. I've definitely had my moments of jealousy when reading blogs photographed by professionals, especially wedding photographers! They have this magical ability to make everything look special! You look super cute in that skirt, blank stare and all!

  4. Ha ha, I really don't think you will be single for long! You are too stunning! I'm sure the guys are lining up at your door.

    Really love the polka dots!

    <3 Jenny

  5. Sorry to hear about your relationship! I'm sure you'll find someone soon! Your adorable and funny!

    Style in the City

  6. you are fantastic, melissa. i have been having these thoughts about a long term relationship of my own. maybe your future photographer boyfriend is at the gym! nothing beats a cute guy taking your picture ;)

  7. I love that coat!
    My bf takes all my blog photos, not that he is a professional or anything but it is definitely a nice perk in a relationship when your hobbies compliment each other :)



  8. You look great!

    xo Hannah

  9. I WISH my bf would even consider taking my photos for me!

    Lovely outfit. I absolutely adore that skirt! I'm always a sucker for polkadots!

  10. I like being your part time photographer, but maybe we also need to find you a gay boyfriend photog! That would be super fun :) Loved this outfit, that skirt is too cute xo

  11. Relationships are hard for everyone. Glad you pulled through, and looking absolutely stunning. Cute skirt.

  12. I adore your shoes (and I agree with Alicia on her photographer suggestion). LOL


  13. Ahaha yup, I'm glad my boyfriend is an amateur photographer.

  14. Haha! So true. We'll need a date of our own so I can hear how the dating world going for you:)

    Jen xo

  15. Oh girl, you are so strong to be able to hop right back into the dating world... I bet you DO have some funny stories! A tripod might be easier to train than a new boy... just saying!

  16. I love those Zara pumps! Are they more beige or peach?

    1. ok just got a chance to look at some more of your posts and I may be semi-obsessed with your style lol

  17. Def easier when you have a boyfriend to take your photos!! LOVE your skirt!! I'm obsessed with polka dots lately! xo


  18. ahh the dating world! i jumped in after 14 years...loads of FUN! ;)
    best of luck melissa!

  19. haha you're funny, and cute and I like your clothes.

    I sometimes wish I was as good at self-photography as amber so I could have that back up in case Jack ever went on a trip and I was left to my own devices... unfortunately I'm lazy and don't want to practice.

  20. I bet there are guys falling over each other to date you AND take your blog pictures, Melissa ;) You're way too gorgeous and funny for there not to be!

    That skirt is beyond adorable and you look amazing, as always.


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