On Repeat

{Wearing: Joe Fresh Trench, H&M Top, American Eagle Jeans, Zara Pumps, Coach Bag}

Photos by Cara

I'm often made fun of because of how I listen to music. I find a song I love and listen to it on repeat until I'm sick of it and by then I've discovered a new song that I love more. Most people like to have hundreds of songs on their ipods but I'd be happy with 5. I may or may not have 15 mixed cds that have the same 5 songs on them and then a few others for good measure sitting in my glove box. Knowing this about me, I guess I can't be too surprised about how I've been wearing coats lately. First I was wearing my blue Zara coat non stop. Then the weather warmed up a bit and I discovered my green blazer. Now my new Joe Fresh trench is my go-to jacket. I bought it a size too big so I could layer under it and it's been the perfect outer layer against the rain.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to Adele's Set Fire to the Rain and hug my trench coat.


  1. I also have a tendency of wearing the same item over and over if I love it! That's so funny about your music selections. When it comes to Adele, I could listen to her over and over too :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I do the same thing with everything! If I love something (a song, shirt, pant, jacket) I'll listen or wear it over and over til something new comes along then I repeat lol
    You look great, I love that top!

  3. ahhh I always look forward to your write ups Melissa, you can always be counted on for a laugh!!

    I love this look, classic with a bit of sparkle and colour added for good measure...and those heels...well, they are just fantastic! You look wonderful,

    xo Cara

  4. I adore your color blocked pumps!! I just did a post myself with a similar pair :)


  5. great great trench ... and that song is very worthy of constant listening!!

  6. Haha, you are not alone lady, I do this too! I also forget what I even used to like... what came before Adele and Robyn again? & I'm the same way with clothes... I obsess/get in the habit of wearing one thing and forget other things exist until I fall in love with something new! I am loving this trench!! I need a new trench for spring and will def keep an eye out at Joe! Super cute!

  7. don't you just love Joe Fresh? I love it!! I've been eyeing some silk tops I saw online and I can't wait till they come in store! great trench.


  8. Like many others above, I'm the same. I a repeater with songs and clothes LOL. And I love Joe Fresh too :)

  9. Haha I'm the same way with songs! I have a Youtube playlist of 13 songs or so that I can listen to all day at work.

    Love the splash of gold sequins under your new trench.

  10. I'm totally the same way. I find a few things I like and they go on repeat. Which is why I am kind of regimental about not repeating clothes or outfits because if I were left to my undisciplined self I'd wear the exact same outfit every other day. And that Adele song is THE song. Jam on!


  11. You're funny. Right now I'm really into Domino by Jessie J. You look great in that trench! I'm mildly envious- I keep trying trenches but they just don't work on me.

  12. I'm the exact same way! My whole family teases me because I'll listen to the same songs over and over on my "recently purchased" playlist until they expire on there! Wearing that coat often is definitely not a bad thing- it's so cute!


  13. Okay so you look awesome as always...AND that is the second time I have seen those pumps today. A sign??? I think so! :)

  14. LOVE your style! I love how you incorporate more affordable pieces! New follower from Fashion Lust: www.iwouldtotallywearthat.blogspot.com!

  15. i am also listening my favourite songs over and over again haha

  16. I do the same thing with music. I'm always putting songs on repeat on my ipod. Then, one day, no more.

    Lovely sequins. Sequins are good all year long.

  17. Oh my gosh I absolutely love this look! How beautiful! And that top....it's perfect!!!

  18. I love Joe Fresh, that trench is fantastic!

  19. I adore this look, so versitile. I lived in Vancouver last year and have really enjoyed your blog. I still stop by to check out your updates even though I moved back to the east coast.

    Give Robson St and South Granville a hug from me...



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