Extra Ruffles

{Wearing: H&M Coat, Blouse from Piperlime, Modcloth Skirt, Calvin Klein Pumps, Matt & Nat Clutch}

Photos by Cara

This blouse is a case of online shopping gone wrong. It's photo was a little deceiving so the blouse that arrived was rather different than the one I was expecting. Tucked under a coat and partially hidden I really like it. On it's own it's a big 3D ball of ruffles. While I normally enjoy a nicely placed ruffle, this top has some pretty intense ruffles in some pretty bizarre places. Lesson learned. I won't be buying any more ruffly tops online as the size and number of the ruffles is ultimately unknown.

(I bet you thought the lesson I learned would have been to stop shopping online and actually try pieces on in the store before buying them... you don't know me at all do you?)


  1. haha, the shirt does look very innocent and non ruffly!! I really like it!

  2. I'm obsessed with online shopping its brutal! But thats what happens when I live 2 hours from any shopping experience.. so sad. I really like that top!


  3. I am such a fan of black and cream. This outfit is so pretty on you.


  4. This blouse doesn't look like a ball of ruffles at all the way you styled it. Good job.

    We probably all have tops like that. I can't wear my Hanii Y blouse untucked. With pencil skirts or trousers it looks great, but the bottom of the blouse hits me at such an awkward place and looks so oddly square.

  5. Thank you for alerting us to the online unknown ruffle problem. This is an issue that does not receive enough attention in the media. I, for one, feel grateful that I am now informed and believe that you have worked around the problem beautifully!

  6. You definitely styled the blouse perfectly, it looks wonderful with that skirt and jacket, and I love those Calvin Klein pumps!
    xo Cara

  7. lovely. what are you wearing with all this snow? I've resorted back to snow boots =(
    xo Chanel

  8. The blouse looks beautiful paired with the cream skirt and black accents. I never would've known about the ruffle problem! I absolutely love to shop online but sometimes the clothes aren't what you expected when you see it in person.

    The Tiny Heart

  9. So pretty! Love the cream skirt with the black tights...super adorable!

  10. Well even if you're not crazy about it, it looks amazing in this outfit! I hate when that happens though..especially since when it comes to online shopping, you're always anxiously awaiting the arrival of your purchase and you want it to be everything you hoped it would be! Still, this whole look is so lovely and you look adorable in these pics!

    Alex xo

  11. I love your phrase "pretty intense ruffles" and plan to try to incorporate that into a conversation this week - haha! Great blog and that outfit looks stunning on you. Keep it up!

  12. Ruffle-ly goodness!! xo


  13. What a very specific lesson you learned! Ha! Did you just wear your coat all day?!

    1. Actually yes haha, either that or a cardigan. The ruffles needed to be kept under control!

  14. H&M has so many great coats! Same with Zara - no Zara here in Seattle so I have to default to online or Vancouver!

  15. Don't you like it? ... anyway you look amazing on it, gorgeous as always. Like de clutch. Kisses from Barcelona


  16. cute! i just got a blazer with shoulders similar to those. sooo stoked about styling it, yayy! you look wonderful, melissa!! xoxo www.rubygirlblog.com

  17. I love the dark tights with the light skirt... very pretty! The clutch is beautiful too!



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