Stripes & Plaid

{Wearing: H&M Coat, Club Monaco Blouse & Skirt, Gap Boots, Vintage Scarf, Coach Clutch, Fossil Gold Multifunction watch (Christmas gift from my Dad)}

Photos by Cara

I know I've complained before about people staring while I'm taking photos but I have really been working on not letting it bother me. I know it comes with the territory. This photo shoot however, was hilarious. Every time Cara pointed the camera at me someone would appear out of nowhere, walk through my photos and we'd have to stop. Every... single... time. There is a black squirrel that likes to show up when I am taking Cara's photos but he's cute. The people walking through my photos? Not as cute as squirrels.

I guess I just don't understand how some people can think that walking on a sidewalk is more important than two girls taking photos on that sidewalk. So rude. ;)


  1. Hahaha, oh it is true!! You really did get someone walking by every single time...so hard to take photos and not feel weird, but considering the contant foot traffic passing us by the photos turned out really well-you look beautiful!
    I love the stripes paired with that cozy plaid scarf, and I am a big fan of those boots, too. And your new watch too, good job to your Dad!
    xo Cara

  2. I am loving the red plaid scarf! You've reminded me to hit the vintage shops.. great look!

  3. beautiful! What a perfect winter outfit!

  4. SUCH a cute outfit! And I completely have the same frustration with people watching me, ha. It can be so awkward sometimes! You still managed to get great pics though!

    Xo, Audrey

  5. Your outfit is lovely. I really love your boots.

    Your little story is so funny and totally relatable! I hate when people stare at me, or walk through my pictures. Can't they just let a fashion blogger be left alone to take pictures in peace? haha!!!


  6. Love, love, love the nautical striped blouse. Gorgeous, Melissa!

  7. i see you go a new watch...but i'm affixed with those boots! they're gorgeous!

  8. TOO funny! Love that last photo of you, I can tell you're laughing because someone just interrupted your photoshoot again ;)

  9. I dare say I love those booties!


  10. I don't know that I tell you this enough, but I really really like your sense of humor. The cute outfit's not so bad either..

  11. I agree. Onlookers make me nervous but oh well. I think my neighbors are used to it by now.

    Lovely outfit. Are those overturned booties? They are too cute.


  12. Eeek...it makes me cheeks flush just thinking about it (I hate it when people stare too)! You look SO cute...plaid & stripes is one of my faves. And clearly people need to realize taking outfit pics is serious business :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. I am still far too shy to take photos in public. Eek! love the addition of the red tartan, it's the cherry on top.


  14. HAHAHA I'm totally picturing people appearing out of nowhere while you girls try to take pics! I tried to find the squirrel, but I couldn't see him :P
    Love the pop of colour in your plaid scarf!

  15. Super cute in stripes and plaid lady! www.casualglamorous.com

  16. Love your scarf. It looks very cute with your striped top.


  17. i can't pull off midi's but i love this skirt on you! and i'm still not brave enough for outdoor photos :P x

  18. Wow I can't believe your booties are from Gap-they're so cute!


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