Day 2 Hair

Wearing: Banana Republic Mad Men lace shell, Zara shorts, Steve Madden shoes (from Winners), Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

When I mentioned in a previous post that I had some photos to post of the wedding and then the day after (day 2 hair and hungover eyes are awesome) you all left some kind comments about how my hair in that post looked great for day 2 hair. Oh no no my friends. That was not day 2 hair. this... this is day 2 hair. Day 2 hair and I-drank-too-much-wine-last-night eyes.

The morning after the wedding I was in the mood for food and lots of it. Brunch to be exact.

It was a gorgeous day and perfect for sitting on the patio at Score on Davie eating french toast and hashbrowns. Add to that some mojitos and Caesars and it was the ideal morning.

It was also an opportunity to wear the lace shell I bought from the Banana Republic Mad Men line. You can't go wrong with gold lace.