I award thee...

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Barefoot Contessa
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Aldo

I realize that I have been a bit of a bad blogger. I need you to all believe that I was thinking of you and feeling guilty all week when I wasn't blogging. But don't worry, I am FULL of excuses.

Excuse #1: The gym takes up too much time: Since I recently complained very publicly that I'm nervous about prancing around in a bikini at the end of this month, I decided to get off my lazy behind and not only go to the gym but work really hard. This means that after the gym I am red and sweaty and gross

Excuse #2: My work uniform: Unlike most of you, I don't get to wear cute trendy outfits to work. I literally wear a uniform of black pants and a stripped blouse. Every single day. As a result, I have been going straight from wearing my uniform to wearing my gym uniform to collapsing into bed in exhaustion.

Excuse #3: Vancouver weather has been sucky: No explanation needed.

Now, while I was feeling guilty about being a bad blogger and thinking of excuses to share with all of you I wondered. How the eff do you guys do it?

How do you work full time, make time for the gym and still have time to take outfit photos on almost a daily basis? Am I just brutal at time management?

In appreciation for those of you who have this blogger talent, I have invented a blogger award.

It's called the "How the eff do you do it" award?

I am awarding it to all of you bloggers who are able to maintain your blogs while still living a full and busy life.

Congratulations to all of you recipients. I hope to one day be able to receive this award myself. It's definitely easier in the summer when the weather is nicer and I'm staying out later. See! Another excuse! Bad Melissa.

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