I award thee...

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Barefoot Contessa
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Aldo

I realize that I have been a bit of a bad blogger. I need you to all believe that I was thinking of you and feeling guilty all week when I wasn't blogging. But don't worry, I am FULL of excuses.

Excuse #1: The gym takes up too much time: Since I recently complained very publicly that I'm nervous about prancing around in a bikini at the end of this month, I decided to get off my lazy behind and not only go to the gym but work really hard. This means that after the gym I am red and sweaty and gross

Excuse #2: My work uniform: Unlike most of you, I don't get to wear cute trendy outfits to work. I literally wear a uniform of black pants and a stripped blouse. Every single day. As a result, I have been going straight from wearing my uniform to wearing my gym uniform to collapsing into bed in exhaustion.

Excuse #3: Vancouver weather has been sucky: No explanation needed.

Now, while I was feeling guilty about being a bad blogger and thinking of excuses to share with all of you I wondered. How the eff do you guys do it?

How do you work full time, make time for the gym and still have time to take outfit photos on almost a daily basis? Am I just brutal at time management?

In appreciation for those of you who have this blogger talent, I have invented a blogger award.

It's called the "How the eff do you do it" award?

I am awarding it to all of you bloggers who are able to maintain your blogs while still living a full and busy life.

Congratulations to all of you recipients. I hope to one day be able to receive this award myself. It's definitely easier in the summer when the weather is nicer and I'm staying out later. See! Another excuse! Bad Melissa.

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  1. Between a full-time job (not with a uniform, but in a conservative corporate environment) and the gym and life in general, I take most of my outfit photos on the weekend :) I don't know how anyone manages otherwise!

  2. Melissa, I love that bag.. I'm going to get it! Where are your sunnies from?

  3. You have a great sense of humor!

  4. I love this award! Amazing. Hope it spreads like wildfire :)

    Keep on living your life. Work and workouts are important.

  5. Haha, Melissa, I love this award!! And I'm with Cee the majority of my outfit photos happen on the weekend!! And I love your adorable dress, looks perfect with the flats & blue cardy. Happy weekend, hun! xx veronika

  6. hahaha, I get the being busy thing. Sometimes with Baby I can not find the time to post something. But most days, I just do it - how? I've got no clue!!


  7. Well, I can tell you how the eff I do it, but it mainly involves NOT having a full/busy life so I prolly am disqualified from this award. But yeah I take my photos ahead of time, mos def, like the others. And I'm not as good at making excuses as you so I'm pretty much obligated to stay on track.

  8. I totally agree... when I get on a good gym kick, my ability to blog suffers big time. I have a really hard time balancing that one. Which I am TRYING to do right now (3 times last week... it' a start!) My only way to make it through is to do 2-3 outfit photos over the weekend, and then try to get one or two more randomly during the week. When I can do that, I get on a really good roll and feel like I'm being a good blogger. But then things happen like I plan to take 3 outfits on a Sunday and it pours rain. Then I'm kind of screwed for my week. Also, if I wear an outfit somewhere during the week that I don't get to photograph, I get re-dressed in it on the weekend. I LIKE to make my weekend photos outfits that I have worn places and not something I just get dressed in to take photos. So I guess my advice is to take advantage of nice days that you have have off or an evening that you're not going to the gym and try to hammer out 2 outfit shots instead of one! And on a fashion related note, I LOVE your bag!! So cute. xo!

  9. Haha, your award is too funny. I totally agree... it's so hard to find the time to take outfit photos in between work and gym and other craziness. I'm also starting a fitness regimen this month - zumba and bootcamp. Hopefully we will both be rewarded with bikini-ready bodies ;)

    xo, alison*elle

  10. How funny and a weird coincidence. As a new blogger, I'm still struggling with finding my routine. I just mentioned that on my post wondering how other bloggers do it. I'm lucky that I get to exercise at lunch so can't use that excuse. The weather situation has probably not helped with my routine. Last week I was posing for pics while waiting for the food to grill, hehe. Whatever works, right?


  11. One night when you're sleeping, I'm going to break in and steal this entire outfit. I love it. :)

  12. No idea how people who blog everyday do it. I think I should quit my job and blog full time. Thoughts?

  13. Haha...love this award. I'm not deserving myself these days. I need another me to get my daily tasks done. Thanks for the blog love...it was very sweet of you:-)


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