Maxi-mized Fun

Outfit Details
Maxi dress: Lulu*s
Belt: Zara
Bag: Aldo
Super cute sandals you can't see: Aldo
Sunglasses: Shoppers Drug Mart (JLo)

Taking photos in an isolated corner near some dumpsters. I'm moving up in this world my friends.

This maxi dress has been hiding in my closet for months waiting for some sun. Sure, I could have worn it sooner by layering it up during the winter months but the anticipation was much more fun. As a shorter gal (is 5'5" considered short?) I have always shied away from long skirts out of fear of looking even shorter. But then I realized that there is something really amazing about covering up your extremely pale legs while still experiencing the freedom of a skirt.

Besides, after showing half of Vancouver my panties the day before while prancing around in a much shorter skirt, I figured some modesty was in order.

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