Beach Day

Outfit details:
jean jacket: jacob
top: zara
skirt & belt: modcloth
wedges: banana republic
bag: aldo
earrings: ruche

I would like to start off by apologizing to anyone on West 4th yesterday who, thanks to the wind, saw my panties. I posted the third photo to show you the issue the back of this skirt had with the breeze. I have only ever worn this skirt with tights and my goodness did it feel shorter when I had bare legs. Oh well, let's just focus on the fact that it was warm enough to go tights-less. Amaazing.

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen some tweets about my upcoming trip to LA. I'll be joining an amazing group of ladies for a bachelorette weekend at the end of June and I'm extremely excited. I received an email a few days ago that had a first draft trip itinerary for the weekend in it and there were two words that caused me to freak out a bit.

Beach Day.

Dun dun duuuuun.

Bikini's and I do not get along.

I searched Chapters for a book called "How to Get Bikini Ready in 30 Days While Eating Chocolate and Sitting on the Couch" but I didn't have any luck.

So I guess I'll have to do it the old fashion way. With healthy food choices and staying active. Lame.

Am I alone in my fear of the bikini? What are all of you doing to get ready for the beach? Tips and tricks are welcome. As are any self help books with the title "Get Fit by Being Lazy".

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  1. Buying a really cute and flattering cover up is always my way to go!!! I've never looked good in a bikini, but just like clothes, there is a bathing suit that fits any body type. Don't stress yourself over it! As I learned (like DJ did on Full House) just as you will always love the people around you no matter what they look like, they feel the same way about you!

  2. yah I tried a swimsuit on today and I puked from the amount of cellulite I saw. It was truly grotesque! Why is there not a skinny pill?

    I wore a jean jacket cuffed a few weeks ago to a baseball game over a plain cotton blue sundress. I loved it! But then it got too hot and I had to take it off.

  3. u look gorgeous as always! very sweet look!

  4. i love your smiling face in these photos! and as for your undies, i was walking on 4th ave yesterday at some point, and i didn't see them, or you, so that awkwardness is already gone, lol.
    And a tip for healthyness! drink water! whenever you're thirsty and you go for pop, juice or anything else.... water!!! its a helpful way feel full and stay hydrated.

    p.s. your skin will have a healthier glow too!

  5. You look radiant! Adore the soft & floaty skirt, and those wedges are absolutely gorgeous. As for getting bikini ready, yup, definitely on my mind. I'm doing all the boring stuff... eating a well balanced diet & trying to work out, boo! Hope your Friday is a terrific one. xx veronika

  6. I'm terrified of bikinis.

    For two reasons.
    1. I'm so friggin' white, I've surpassed "pasty" and gone right to transparent/reflective. And I blind people with my exposed skin.

    2. I'm so out of shape it's sad. I too much get back into shape the old fashioned way. *looks shyly at running shoes*

    Good luck to you! :D
    (If you ever find that book let me know hahah)

  7. bahahaha that's awesome. I'm sure the people in Kitslano wouldn't have complained

  8. I hate bathing suit season which really sucks because I love just about any pool, beach, lake, etc. I am gonna have to start working out STAT and get in shape the old-fashioned way too! Good luck to us both!

  9. My number one secret for girls who like to eat chocolate and be lazy (like me) but still have to go the beach is this: the one piece bathing suit. There are some seriously sexy and stylish ones available- try J. Crew as a starting point- and the added bonus is that no one has to know if you perhaps haven't been doing as many crunches as you should have been :)

    Love your skirt!

  10. Love your denim jacket!! Have fun in LA :) I'm pretty out of shape so I sometimes have fear of bikinis ahha but the sun will make you forget everything!


  11. Cute shoes!


  12. Bahahaha! You crack me up. My favorite line of this whole post is "I searched Chapters for a book called "How to Get Bikini Ready in 30 Days While Eating Chocolate and Sitting on the Couch" but I didn't have any luck." I'm dying. I adore you!

  13. You kill me! The opening line to this post had me cracking up, I've totally flashed people with a skirt on as well. As for your LA trip, I think a really cute cover up will make you feel better. There are some gorgeous chiffon kaftans on sale on ASOS. Not that I'm online shopping obsessed or anything?

  14. Melissa.. you are too funny. And adorable. And stylish. Basically you're awesome and I always love your posts :)

    And LA?! You lucky thing! Don't worry about 'Beach Day' - you're gorgeous lady!

  15. You'll rock it... remember how terrified of Mexico I was? When you get there, just drink a lot, and you wont care anymore. :P

  16. Ok this has to be THE cutest outfit post I've seen in a while! The whole look is great - love the white, sassy skirt & jean jacket!

  17. Ugg I need to get bikini ready too. That skirt is so cute its worth the booty flash! haha

  18. Your post made me laugh - I've been looking for that same book! It seems the praying I do at night to wake up 10lbs lighter just isn't working. Pilates and jogging, that's my plan...now I have to get off the couch and JUST DO IT!

    PS you always look beautiful :)

  19. I am most afraid of being in a bikini or bathing suit this summer. I'd workout a ton and still have a gut and such. Some people have a flat stomach and never workout. They need to give me lessons. Perhaps the fact that I eat horribly + exercise is wrong. I need to get read of the eating horribly part :(

    My friend said pilates make her body more bikini ready than anything else she did. I never really did pilates so can't tell you if it is magic or not.

  20. you look gorgeous !!


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