outfit details
trench & pants: gap
top: lulus
loafers: zara
bag: Plum

Last Thursday was a day of poor decisions.

Poor Decision #1: I deleted the weather app from my phone.
Poor Decision #2: I didn't wear rain boots when I went for my walk
Poor Decision #3: I left the house without an umbrella.
Poor Decision #4: I took these pictures even though my hair was a wet frizzy mess.
Is Poor Decision #5 the fact that I'm posting these pictures regardless of Poor Decision #4? Possibly!
The only smart decision I made was wearing this trench coat. It's the only thing that saved me from getting completely drenched in the rain storm I was caught in.

Thank Goodness for that Trench Coat.

*note* thanks everyone for their kind comments. I know these pictures aren't horrible... I was just trying to make light the fact that Vancouver's unpredictable weather makes being a style blogger so difficult haha. ;)