The Jean Jacket debate

Jean Jacket: Jacob
Dress: The Vintage Valley
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Spotted Moth
Necklace: F21

There are a couple exciting things going on in these pictures. First, I'm not wearing any tights for the FIRST time this year! YAY! Second, I am wearing my jean jacket. I'm a jean jacket fan so this might not be exciting for you but I'm pretty happy about it.

Now for some apologies. First, I'm sorry that my legs are blindingly white. They've been hibernating. Second, I'm sorry for the bruises on my leg. Apparently I'm mean to my legs during the seasons they are hidden under jeans. Mike gets upset with me because I aways have new bruises and he thinks people are going to start worrying about me. I tell him that anyone who knows me knows I'm as clumsy as clumsy gets. I tend to run into things... mostly I run into the corner of my glass coffee table. That thing marks up my shins like nothing else.

Okay, now that the formalities are out of the way, let's go back to talking about jean jackets.

I don't necessarily love the one I'm wearing (it was bought on sale out of panic at the end of last summer after my old one was accidentally washed and lost it's shape) but jean jackets are a staple of mine in spring and summer. I have already started looking for a new one to replace this one.

I have found that people either love or hate jean jackets. I've had a few people give me the "really? a jean jacket?" eye roll but i've also gotten some high fives (okay that's a lie... but I kind of wish people would high five me for wearing a jean jacket).

Are you a fan? or should I expect anonymous "STOP WEARING A JEAN JACKET" comments from you this summer when I wear mine to death?

Okay the polls are open.
Jean Jackets: Yay? or Nay?