The Jean Jacket debate

Jean Jacket: Jacob
Dress: The Vintage Valley
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Spotted Moth
Necklace: F21

There are a couple exciting things going on in these pictures. First, I'm not wearing any tights for the FIRST time this year! YAY! Second, I am wearing my jean jacket. I'm a jean jacket fan so this might not be exciting for you but I'm pretty happy about it.

Now for some apologies. First, I'm sorry that my legs are blindingly white. They've been hibernating. Second, I'm sorry for the bruises on my leg. Apparently I'm mean to my legs during the seasons they are hidden under jeans. Mike gets upset with me because I aways have new bruises and he thinks people are going to start worrying about me. I tell him that anyone who knows me knows I'm as clumsy as clumsy gets. I tend to run into things... mostly I run into the corner of my glass coffee table. That thing marks up my shins like nothing else.

Okay, now that the formalities are out of the way, let's go back to talking about jean jackets.

I don't necessarily love the one I'm wearing (it was bought on sale out of panic at the end of last summer after my old one was accidentally washed and lost it's shape) but jean jackets are a staple of mine in spring and summer. I have already started looking for a new one to replace this one.

I have found that people either love or hate jean jackets. I've had a few people give me the "really? a jean jacket?" eye roll but i've also gotten some high fives (okay that's a lie... but I kind of wish people would high five me for wearing a jean jacket).

Are you a fan? or should I expect anonymous "STOP WEARING A JEAN JACKET" comments from you this summer when I wear mine to death?

Okay the polls are open.
Jean Jackets: Yay? or Nay?


  1. i think with an outfit like this, jean jackets totally work! jean on jean with runners or something though? not so much!

    love your necklace, btw!

  2. I don't understand who anyone wouldn't like a jean jacket?! I was reading this and being like wha? I've never met a jean jacket hater! And I love to rock a Canadian Tuxedo, as long as the denim colours are different ;)
    Your outfit is amazing and the jean jacket totally MAKES it

  3. i love jean jackets and i think this outfit is super cute! : )

  4. that dress is amazing! i love it!

  5. hahah I kind of want to high five you for wearing the jean jacket! I like them because they can have sort of an oldschool feel. I think it looks great with the dress, which is so super cute. And I have the whitest and most bruise covered legs. EVER! Which is why I want to cry that it's going to be too hot for my tights soon =(


  6. Jean Jacket Debate? Why even debate it, you look fabulous. I love it with the red dress & the necklace gives it a nice fun & glam feel. Happy Friday, yay, Friday! xx veronika

  7. I'd say "yay" to the jean jacket! i'm actually in the market for one this spring i figured!

  8. i say yay! jean jackets are great casual outerlayers. i like to wear mine with dresses, graphic t's with shorts....the list goes on lol. i bought mine at american eagle. they usually have them every spring and summer....maybe try looking there! :)

  9. I love jean jackets! I have a cropped light wash one from Wilfred. Love them. It's a great piece and easy to wear.

    Don't worry, my legs are also blindly pale. BUT not to worry. Vancouver weather has been a lot better lately. More to come. :)


  10. Big YES to the jean jacket! (With some caveats.)

    They look great in the above scenario, but they must never never never be used in a double denim situation and they must not be shapeless.

    I have one that I love and have worn to death. It's a lighter denim, tailored and fitted.

  11. I've been seeing a lot of jean jackets around lately - I've never owned one, but I think they are so cute, I should probably give it a try! I love how you paired yours with a cute dress - definitely a spunky look!
    xo Emily

  12. I have bruises all over my legs too!

    You look great and so spring-ready in your cute dress and jean jacket.

    No debate over the jean jacket. It is the holy grail of clothing. I absolutely LOVE mine and wear it all the time. It's the perfect shape and shade of worker blue. My boyfriend tired it on once to pretend he was a Ramone and I freaked out because I was afraid he would stretch it out. Mine's a Levi's and I highly recommend it.

  13. I personally would never wear a jean jacket but I say if you can rock one, go for it! I'm looking forward to seeing how you style yours this summer, Melissa :)

    xo, alison*elle

  14. I like jean jackets, I think they're classy and can make any outfit look just a little bit more casual. I have yet to find one that I LOVE for comfort, but I do have a jean blazer that's really cute.

    By the way, I adore that dress and the necklace! You look awesome!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  15. Jean jackets are my fave! I for sure wear them to death in the spring/summer and am ashamed to say that I own......4. (I'm kinda a jean jacket slut) when I love something I just want it in like every color and shape. This has happened most recently with clogs. wow! I'm rambling. Anywhoo, you look fantastic and I love this dress paired with the jean jacket and you will not be hearing anything from me about over use of jean jackets. Rock it friend.

  16. Yesssss jean jackets!

    I bought a cheap one from H&M a few years ago and I still reallly like it :)


  17. I really like the way you have dressed the jean jacket up with the dress, necklace, and heels. Very cute. Jean jackets can be great as long as they are styled the right way.

  18. No! Don't stop wearing that denim jacket looks so youthful, dress is amazing too, necklaces makes a great statement!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  19. This outfit is perfect for a date, its sweet and romantic! We love that you paired the delicate dress with the denim jacket. Hence, this outfit looks like its from Tommy Hilfiger ads!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  20. I say YAY! Buttt ... my friend has been wearing them for the longest and I used to always SIDE EYE her. I finally came around about a year ago. I got one 70 percent off at Kohls last summer for a cowboy/cowgirl couples bridal shower I had to go to. I haven't worn it since, but I think yours looks adrob with that dress. I say keep on keepin on!

  21. Yay for sure on the jean jacket!

  22. You look amazing! I love this outfit!

    I just found your blog and I am now your new follower :)


  23. I love the jean jacket. Its a go to piece for me in spring and summer too :)

  24. I have a jean jacket but I don't wear it that often, mostly because I'm already wearing jeans to begin with, plus both items are dark wash denim, plus I'm not a fan of the double denim look. Maybe I should make like you and wear it with dresses more often though!

  25. Virtual high five from me!! I love denim jackets! They're great to dress down an outfit!

  26. I love them on everyone but me :( I just looking like a raging lesbo when I wear one. I'm just not girly enough to pull it off... It might be the short hair... Haha


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