Blazer & Boots: Zara
Blouse: Barefoot Contessa
Pants: American Eagle
Bag: Plum
Scarf that's tucked into my bag: Fine Finds

It's been less than a week since my "Health and Fitness" feature ended and since then I've noticed a couple changes! I have been far more consistent with my work out routine and I've developed an unhealthy craving for sugary sour gummy candies. Yah.. not quite the changes you were expecting were they!?

I'm not sure where this sudden craving came from. I've given in and chowed down on these candies a couple times (am I the only one with zero will power? eek!) but it's just so weird to me because it's not my usual sweet tooth. I've just been craving this one type of candy, nothing else - not even chocolate. (at one point, I told Mike I didn't want chocolate and I think he fell over. That's unheard of haha).

I know they say cravings can mean your body is deficient of certain vitamins so I've done some googling but so far I've just decided that all my body is deficient of is sugary sour gummy goodness.

So, lovely readers, if you see me with a bulk bag of 5 cent candies... tackle me to the ground and send me to some sort of rehabilitation clinic. Please and Thanks.