(no) signature style

{Wearing: H&M Coat, J Brand Jeans, Aldo Shoes, Vintage Clutch}
Photos by Cara

Whenever I've been asked to define my style I have a really difficult time. One day I could be dressed like an old man and the next in red heels and a red lip... I don't really feel like I have a "signature style". Or maybe I do and I just can't see it? I love a good blazer or vintage brooch but they are just thrown into the mix, are they a part of my signature style? Some bloggers are solely vintage, others are all about dresses with tights and others are trendy man repellers. I just like to dress the way I feel that day and each day I feel differently.

I'm going to open this up to you ladies (and perhaps gentlemen). Do I even want a signature style or is it better to mix it up? Do you prefer when bloggers have a style that's easily to define so you know what you're going to get when you click on their site? Do you find it easy to define your signature style? Do you think a signature style is important? What are your thoughts?


  1. i think a signature style is something comes over time. personally, i like things that are super girly, but i also switch it up and might be in leather motorcycle boots and totally menswear inspired pieces. i think a lot of celebrities have a signature style & that is important in their own personal branding i suppose. however, for me personally i can't say that i have a personal style. it's a little every where with elements from different style genres.

  2. First of all, I love this outfit...the bow detail on the jacket and those pretty red heels make the perfect outfit, you look beautiful!
    Now, this is such a good question, and one I struggle with too...I think that dressing the way you feel is the most important part of style, because then you can feel confident in what you are wearing, and that makes all of the difference. There are certain "signature" things that each of us has, I think...for example you always wear structured pieces and with every outfit, add a bit of interest be it with a bright colored coat or a vintage pin or sparkly earrings...
    You always look put together and gorgeous :)
    xo Cara

  3. LOVE the outfit. You look fantastic and I am so adoring that coat!

  4. Love the bow details, love the collar and I love the pops of red! Way to make outerwear look like the star piece! Love it!


  5. I have major love for this outfit!


  6. Your coat is so cute! At first I thought it was Soia & Kyo because I have a black belted wool coat from them with a similar foldover collar. The bow belt makes a great finishing touch too.

    Hmm I'd say your signature style is "ModCloth ladylike." Even when you wear pieces from other places, somehow your outfits always look stylish, vintage-inspired yet modern, and ladylike with just a dash of whimsy--and they always remind me of ModCloth's overall aesthetic lol.

  7. What brand and colour is your lipstick? I am looking for a cool red lipstick to wear!

  8. I really think most of the time your style is quite classic if that helps? I adore the red lip, really pops with your new dark hair!

  9. I aboslutely adore your coat! Could that be because I own it in gray? Perhaps, but nonetheless, it looks stunning on you :) As for signature style, I think you have more of one than you think; there tends to be a common thread that runs through your outfits, and whenever I see you photos, I can always easily identify them as you, even without seeing you face. Not sure I know the right word to define it, though!

  10. You are so beautiful! Love your style, really!:D

  11. Such a fabulous coat and even more fabulous those ruby red shoes! I love your style and in regards to your question I think you gotta do what feels right, why follow one path when you can follow many. I believe we all have some sort of a signature... whether it be more feminine or masculine, colourful or monochromatic... but If you truly love fashion you are definitely going to dive right in and try a little bit of every style... I think that in its self develops into your own signature?1?
    Happy Holidays!!
    Bella xox

  12. This coat is amazing, Melissa! I love it!

    I think everyone has a signature style in a way. To me it doesn't have to me a typical thing you always wear, I guess if you wear different kind of styles that can be your signature style in a way. I don't have a signature style, I am still experimenting, but the blog definitely helps defining my style more. And other people pointed out that I have a lot of bow items, hence "the signature bow".

    December Sunshine

  13. I'm loving your gorgeous coat, red lips and shoes and your last few posts too... have just come to visit after your lovely comments on my blog (thank you!)! I couldn't say yet if you have a signature style but I defintely like it! Will come back again, am now following :)

    Catherine x
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  14. i don't have a signature style, yet i always have people telling me something they see is "so me" so maybe i do and just don't know it? i should ask other people what my signature style is, haha


  15. I think we all tend to gravitate towards certain things which can contribute to a kind of "signature" style. I actually think you do sort of have one and agree with Lisa's description! Even with having a signature style, I think it's totally normal to wear things outside it... half the fun of creating outfits is getting to wear different things sometimes.

    xo, alison*elle

  16. I agree with you, I'm not sure that I have a signature style, and if I do, I'm not sure how to define it. Either way, love your look today, so classic and beautiful!

  17. I would say you have a signature style, for sure! You tend to go more to the brights and each piece has a great detail. I think even if you mix it up you'll always have a "signature" part of the outfit even if theyre all different. You always look great so keep the signatures coming!

  18. Really love that ultra feminine coat! I totally can relate...I have a hard time describing my style too! It's all over the place! I wear what I love! x www.casualglamorous.com

  19. I totally understand. My style is such an eclectic mix. But ya know what? I think that makes things interesting. You don't have to be able to define your style, as long as you know what you like and don't like!

    Anyway, I love the white background with your red lip and black coat. Pretty pretty.

  20. You are adorable. I'm loving all of your outfit posts lately (as usual). Loving these red pumps and this killer jacket. P.S. you look so tiny.

  21. and to answer the question, I don't like to be put in a "style box" either. I love almost every type of clothing-menswear, girly, edgy, classic and so on. I think its a bit more fun to mix things up like yourself and dress for the mood and occasion. Keep on mixing it up because its always fun to see what you're wearing next.

  22. love this cute outfit...the red heals and lips are perfect! and I love that you just dress the way you feel. That is the most comfortable way to dress!!


  23. Ok, that little bow detail on the belt is so freaking cute. I love that coat. ((I may steal it from your closet- just a warning))

    xo Lynzy

  24. Cute outfit, love the red shoes & you coat! + I am totally envious of how you pull of a red lip! You look great!

    The Urban Umbrella

  25. Great question! It can be hard to define your style, but weather we know it or not we all have signature or key looks.

    I would describe your Signature look as Ladylike. You always look lovely and even give a polished look to your casual denim outfits.

    Maybe we need to help each other figure out how to define our signature style. I'm all ears...you can tell me mine now;-)

    Jen xo

  26. The neckline and belt on that coat are so adorable! It really suits you.

    I don't feel like it's necessary to have a signature style because you'll find your style is always changing. I like seeing that evolution in bloggers. I know me, I used to be more all over the place. But now that I started working and have to dress more conservative/ladylike during the week (silk blouses, pencil skirts, pretty flats) on the weekend my edgy side wants to come out even MORE because I can't express that at all in the workplace.

  27. This outfit is amazing. That black coat is so wondering and I love the red pumps, red lips and waves. Love.

    As for personal style, I have no effin clue. It's totally tough when someone asks you. Honestly, I think my answer is different each and every time. I'm like you, I love the ability to dress however I want whenever I want (i.e. my inability to pack light). I think that having a signature style can be a great hook, especially in the blogosphere but quite frankly I don't really have the funds to pack my wardrobe to buy anything other than the items I love most!

  28. Love this coat...that belt is TOO cute! I don't really care whether a blogger has a particular style or not...I think you should just wear what you want to wear...regardless of whether it's something you would "normally" wear, or if it's more out of the box. And you always look great :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  29. I definitely have a hard time defining my own style too, I like to change it up so often that I don't really get into one pattern of dressing a certain way.

    I am all for mixing it up - keeps things interesting!

  30. I LOVE your coat! So adorable! And love the red pumps too! I hear ya, I always have a hard time defining my 'signature style'! Although I think if you stay true to just wearing what you truly love and not wearing something because it's trendy, then you sort of automatically develop your own personal style, whether it's necessarily definable or not! All I know for sure is that you always look darn cute! :)

  31. This is one question I always seem to struggle with as well. Like you, I just wear what I feel; though part of me just wishes I could neatly define it & have that be that!
    Whatever your signature style may be, I love it; it's always beautiful & interesting :)

    <3 Shawna

  32. I'm like you, I have no signature style either. I love this look though! That coat is GORGEOUS!

    Cup of Tea

  33. You look amazing Mel! Love the close up - pretty!

  34. I have a hard time defining my signature style too- I can definitely pick out aspects or key words that define part of my style and wardrobe, but the all over picture is a little tough to fit into a limited use of words.

    I would definitely say many of your looks have a feminine, romantic feel to them. You have fantastic style ;)


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