The Day After Boxing Day

{Wearing: H&M Coat, Zara Dress, UO Shoes}

Photos taken by Cara

You know those decisions that you regret immediately after making them? For me it was when I pulled into the underground parking lot of a really busy mall yesterday. I was down there sitting in a line up of cars waiting for parking spots for 45 minutes. I wanted to just leave but I literally couldn't move. I have never experienced such insanity. I thought I was a genius for waiting until the 27th to go shopping but I was wrong... oh so wrong.

I wish I could boxing day shop but I'm not a fan of the crowds. Did  any of you do any shopping? Find any good deals?

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  1. After working on Boxing Day I was shocked to find myself at a mall on the 27th. It was brief, we lucked out on parking, & grabbed some coffee & made it liesure. In love with my half price Coach bag I scored though...unexpected but happy. :)

    Jen xo.

  2. Love how you paired that dress with the black tights, shoes, and coat...looks great! I tend to avoid crazy shopping days at all costs :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Oh yes, the mall. That is a place I shall avoid for weeks to come.

    Your dress is so pretty. Love the girlie prints.


  4. argh I bet I know what mall it is because I was there too and we saw the cars were not even moving in the driveway to the underground parking! We were hoping the mall would be back to normal on the 27th! lesson learned. That is a beautiful coat!

  5. Ooooh la lah, I totally want that coat. LOVE! :)


  6. Love the colours in that dress!
    I braved the malls on boxing day, but fortunately my best friend had the great idea of sky-training to Metrotown instead of driving. Despite having to dress warmer, best idea to avoid the chaos of parking lots and traffic.
    I didn't find too many great deals but I bought a cute striped dress from Forever 21 for $10!


  7. You look gorgeous. Love the delicate floral print.


  8. Love your coat!

    I actually found good deals at Shopper's, without breaking a sweat ;) Check out my boxing day scores on my blog!

    <3 vonnie

  9. There are good deals to be had from small boutiques in Gastown or Main Street, plus you don't face the same crowds and parking problems. I opted to see the new Mission Impossible movie with the boy on Boxing Day instead of shopping, but we popped into The Block afterward where, lo and behold, the two-toned python and black leather Bloch oxfords I'd been eyeing were 30% off.

  10. Just catching up on your blog...you look darling in this! So lady like! I also like the post below...that skirt is fab! And I totally did crazy day after Christmas shopping...I was at Saks at 6:30am on Monday morning. It was worth it...70% off shoes! x www.casualglamorous.com

  11. Love the pattern and shape of the dress, and it looks so classic paired with that gorgeous coat!
    I am so sad to hear you had a frustrating day in the parking lot...thank goodness you have an Iphone that connects to the Internet to keep you busy during the wait!!
    You look beautiful in these shots ;)
    xo Cara

  12. Beautiful dress! Love the colors and pattern.


  13. that zara dress is gorgeous! i love bright colors in the winter! especially such an intricate pattern! feel free to visit my blog!


  14. I set my alarm to wake up early to go check out Holts and the Bay on boxing day.....then it went off and I decided to pass this year and sleep in instead.

    Lisa is right-the smaller boutiques are a better bet but the deals aren't as steep. I stopped by Gravity Pope but the boots I wanted were only 15% off so I left them behind. The store was not very crowded though.

    I do much better online shopping around this time of year anyways :) And much less hassle!!!

  15. Oh this dress is so pretty! Love the busy print and how it is paired up with all black items. Great outfit!

    Black On Blue


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