{Wearing: UO Blazer, H&M Vest, Zara Blouse, J Brand Jeans, Steve Madden Shoes}

Photos by Cara

The problem with me blogging in the morning is that my brain is mush. I used to be a morning person but now I am a sleep as late as possible and then spend 2 hours enjoying my coffee person. Let's just say my mornings aren't nearly as productive as they used to be. So right now, all I want to talk about is caffeine and maybe toast... because I'm also hungry.


  1. Ahhh, coffee is the best, I am just getting into my 2nd cup and I must say I am feeling a heck of a lot happier than when I woke up!
    LOVE this outfit, the stripes, the faux fur vest (best purchase by the way, can't believe I didn't keep mine)and those jeans fit you like a glove...also must say I love your black pumps perfect with your dark straight leg jeans.
    You are looking hot and chic-which in my books is the perfect combo! Always love your pretty smiling pics ;)
    And eat something other than an apple this morning you crazy girl!
    xo Cara

  2. LOVE this look... so cute. love the fur and the stripes!
    - m

  3. I really like how you layered the fur vest over the blazer... i will definitely have to try this out!

  4. I know what you mean. I blog at night usually. Or at least after coffee.

    Love the blazer.


  5. You look so cute! Love the colors. I love my caffeine as well... I'm drinking a cappucino as we speak. :)

    Happy holidays!


  6. Haha what would life be without coffee. Seriously, I hardly function without at least three shots of espresso in me. It's kind of sad. Anyway, as for this outfit = stunning. Love the texture with the faux fur and the stripes are such a wonderful punch of colour and pattern! Beautiful Melissa!

    Alex xoxo

  7. LOVE, coffee & toast - and I think I'm going to go have some!! :) And this outfit is SO fabulous, Melissa! Love the jeans on you, those shoes are heavenly... and I'm crushing on the faux fur & stripe combo too. ADORE!! xo veronika

  8. Such a GREAT COMBO!!! you look beautiful !!! =D

  9. Cute fur vest! Love the combo of textures and patterns :)
    Bella xo

  10. Ohhh, it's a vest OVER a blazer...genius. I was really jealous of your fur-trimmed jacket there for a minute. Hey look at me, it's afternoon and I am still mush, so don't feel so bad. ;)

  11. Hello from London! We have the same vest! Jealous you still get to wear it, I am wrapped up in winter wools now for months! Lovely blog, just discovered you and am now following :)

    Merry Christmas xxx

  12. i'm a late night blogger myself. the print of the shirt is a winner for me, I love orange and blue combos.


  13. boy do I love coffee...half my blog is dedicated to my love for it haha. ps love that striped shirt!


  14. I adore this look! Love anything with faux fur! Doesn't it make you feel so glamourous! Which Jbrand jeans are you wearing?
    <3 Kastles

  15. Love the vest over the blazer...maybe you aren't a morning person...but at least you can still manage to look cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. Such a pretty outfit, I like the bright stripes!

    And I am totally not a morning person either, I never was. I still have to buy a coffee machine, because I never feel like going outside to pick up a coffee. You can imagine that my "morning grumpiness" most of the time lasts quite a while ;-)

    Caught Up In The Moment


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