Post-Halloween Laziness

Wearing: F21 Trench, Zara Blouse, Club Monaco Skirt, ModCloth Booties, UO Necklace

My life has been themed lately, and that theme is "lazy".

I had two Halloween costumes this year and they were:

Girl who fell asleep on the couch
Girl who just rolled out of bed (when I was at work, this costume temporarily switched into "nerd" because I was wearing my glasses).

See? Lazy.

And this outfit here? This is what is going to happen from now on when I would really love to be wearing my pajamas but I have to put on real people clothes. A midi or maxi skirt and whatever I decide to throw on over top. I know I know, you don't have to tell me, I'm a fashion inspiration to all of you ;)

Did everyone have an enjoyable Halloween? What did you dress up as? Is anyone else going to be wearing baggy clothes for the next week after a candy binge? no? just me?

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  1. I was Girl I.T. Employee and Girl Who Goes Salsa Dancing for Halloween. :)

  2. I'm so in love with your booties!!!

    I've actually managed to avoid most candy fortunately. The other people in my office it devoured it while I was still holding strong. By the time my self control fell through, all the good stuff had been eaten. Phew!

  3. You're speaking my languge Melissa! Comfy layers are high on my priority list. I love the look of a feminine flowy skirt with structured masculine pieces...cute!

  4. For a lazy outfit this is fabulous - it's fabulous for an anytime outfit!!

  5. The bf and I were dressed up as 'homicidal maniacs' - they are dressed like everyone else ;-) Ha!

    So yeah, no outfit for me either...

    Can You Keep A Secret

  6. I too was lazy for Halloween and didn't dress up (unless we consider my dressing for work as a "lawyer costume" HAHA). Your "lazy" outfit is still stylish though, Melissa!

    xo, alison*elle

  7. I keep sneaking chocolate from my kid's buckets. I call it "mommy tax". Mmmmm. And yes, it's making me just want to wrap myself in blankets and veg on the couch. :)


  8. love the shoes :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  9. K, I think I NEED those booties.

  10. Love the trench Melissa, and you always look so beautiful and chic, so keep on being lazy cause you look good!!
    xo Cara

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