Keepin' Quiet

{Wearing: Zara Sweater, American Apparel Shirt and Pants, UO moccasins (similar), Mat & Nat Bag (here), Ring c/o Social Experiment}

I never know what to share or not share on this blog because I know that no one likes a debbie downer but sometimes I have not happy things like body image or budgets on my mind and I can't think of a light and fluffy way to talk about them. So I'm going to follow the old saying 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all' and I'm going to wrap myself up in my grandpa sweater and keep quiet. 

But seriously... body issues and budgets suck.


  1. Agreed with you on the suckiness of body issues & budget. At least you have that fantastic sweater to cuddle up with...and regardless of how you are feeling...you are looking great :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Oh friend, I feel your pain. I'm the same way. Sometimes I just want to let it all out but then I think, people have their own random body funks and budget issues to deal with, they don't want anymore on their minds. point is, I getcha. Those days suck. The worst. Just know that I'm here supporting you, poor with knobby, bone-y knees and giant feet.

    All said and done, you still managed to look fantastic, confident and very well-off :)

  3. i love the sweater, looks so comfy and that purse is super fantastic and you just reminded me how much I love Matt&Nat! thanks!

  4. You shouldn't be having body issues Melissa, you look amazing!! Grrr you.
    Budgets, well, can't do much about that, and I am certainly no help because we are so good at shopping together...
    You do look fantastic in this outfit, I do love that "grandpa" sweater (the elbow pads, so cute) and that ring is so pretty! Oh, and the bag, such a pretty color! All good things going on in this outfit today.
    Excited to see you this afternoon!
    xo Cara

  5. I adore this look! And that ring is fabulous!


  6. I'm such a fan of your blog, and of your style, Melissa. You are completely gorgeous, and since you're having a low day, what better time to let you know? Your posts always brighten my day, and I've even pulled a few of your looks for my "inspiration" folder! I totally struggle with body image stuff on a daily basis, and hate how it can bog one down so easily. Try to listen to your friends and your boyfriend when they tell you how beautiful you are- I know how easy it is to disregard their compliments because you know they love you unconditionally. Get a coffee, pop to the gym, or do a little christmas baking to get your mood up. And beyond that, try to remember your great support network, both from people in your daily life and strangers on your blog, like me!
    Many positive vibes from Saskatchewan,

  7. I hate budgets. They totally suck. And body issues? Definitely suck too. And as much as anyone tells you differently, you still have a hard time getting past some of the image you have of yourself. But I'm going to try anyway... You're absolutely gorgeous!!!! I don't see anything, at all, that would make me think otherwise :) And that grandpa sweater? It ROCKS! Keep smiling :)

  8. Aww! I think all of us can relate....body and budget seem to be universal girl issues. I think your writing about it and keepin it real attracts readers too!

  9. first, i love that sweater; it looks so cozy and warm!

    second, i know what you mean about being a debbie downer - it's something i always worry about. BUT, what i've come to realize is that people like to see that you're real, so it's okay to say that things aren't always perfect!

  10. I hear ya! And it seems like November and December are the worst months for that... A lot of nice things to eat, cozy evenings at home and lots of presents to buy... Not really the best ingredients to feel healthy and be wealthy ;-)

    An Unusual Pop Of Orange + GIVEAWAY

  11. Melissa - you look BEAUTIFUL!! You always do...I know Debbie Downer days are sure to come sometimes, but please know how fabulous you are!

  12. Adore your sweater! Love the patch work detail on the elbows :) Super cute!
    Bella xo

  13. Your newest follower here :) I really love your style. I hear ya on the money and body issues... but does it help for me to say I think you look fabulous in this little outfit?! Cuz you do :) Happy Wednesday!

  14. You look so cute & cozy! The elbow patches on that sweater are such a cute touch!


  15. I know it's hard to take it because everyone's their worst critic and all that, but seriously, people would kill for your body. I hope it's a temp thing because you have such a beautiful figure and really never have to worry about it!

    Anyway, as for this outfit...love it. Casual and cool but still very chic, and I love your SE ring! Her rings are stunning and I have worn mine obsessively. Also loving the bag, such a great ladylike addition to a slouchy-chic look. Beautiful!

    Alex xoxo

  16. I've been reading your blog for over a year now, and this post inspired me to comment. You clearly weren't happy with this outfit, but you've worn some of these pieces before and have looked beyond fabulous. So what does that mean? Today was an "fashionless" day. I had one myself today in my old baggy grey pants, lifeless striped tee shirt, and uninspiring flats - sans jewelry or done hair. I felt unconfident going to work today and walking through the subway, knowing I didn't look or feel my best.

    But tomorrow?

    Tomorrow, I will look and feel fab.

    And so will you!

    Keep smiling and inspiring!

  17. Thanks for your sweet message on my blog! I must agree, blogging is a very intimidating hobby for sure. You are too cute though :] "A little rain can make a flower stem grow, a little love can change a life." Love this quote, so I thought I'd share it with you.
    Best wishes!

  18. We all have body issues, the reality is we always will. BUT we can choose to not focus on them and you're gorgeous and have nothing to worry about!

    Budgets SUCK. I''m struggling with the same thing at the moment.

    Your outfit is awesome btw, totally up my alley :)


  19. Grampa sweaters are my favourite thing, and with elbow patches? Even better.

  20. I'm loving your ring and adorable sweater. Elbow pads=love! && Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. (:



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