Joe Fresh Gets Festive

 I don't know about you, but to me, the fact that Christmas is only 35 days away is both exciting and scary. I always love a few new sparkly pieces to wear over the holidays but I know that buying gifts for others is the priority and staying on budget is a challenge.

Luckily I'll have the opportunity to attend some holiday shopping parties in the upcoming weeks and I'll get to share with you all the amazing deals I find. Today I'll be sharing what I discovered at the Joe Fresh Holiday Preview and trust me, it was gold (gold sequins to be exact)

 {Nail polish $4 (3 for $10), mini lip gloss set (6pcs) $10, individual eye shadows $4, more prices available on joefresh.com}

 The holiday makeup palettes were stunning. I had no idea that Joe Fresh makeup was of such great quality and the colors were beautiful.

{PC Holiday serveware with silver pine branch decal: Rectangular platter $12, Set of 4 small round plates $10, sugar or creamer $3 each, Set of 4 mugs $10, cake plate $10, star salt & pepper set $3, square dessert plate $2, set of 4 embroidered napkins $9, Metallic printed placemat $4. more prices available in store}

 {Holiday pillows $8 each, Solid color decorative pillows $14, slippers $9, more prices available in store}

To allow us to see all of the holiday products PCHome and Joe Fresh had to offer this season, the penthouse in False Creek's Kayak building was decorated solely with these pieces. Aside from it being obviously stunning (the view? I mean come on), the holiday decor resulted in such a cozy and inviting atmosphere that a few of us bloggers were tempted to move in.

I ran into Jen (pictured above) while exploring all of the goodies in the bedroom and closet and Olivia (below) while drooling over the makeup.

 {Clothes: nordic sweater $69, gold sequin shorts $69, silk shirt $49, sequin striped tee $29, metallic sweater $29, cashmere v-neck sweater $69, nordic leggings $29, puffer jacket $79. Shoes: bow flats $39, gold brogues $79, lace up wedge bootie $79. more prices available at joefresh.com}

I loved that all of the Joe Fresh clothing was hanging in the closet because for some reason it was easier to pretend that everything was in my closet look at. The men's, women's and kid's collections were all of really high quality and the colors will be perfect for winter.

If you're like me and looking to finally start decorating your apartment for Christmas like a grown up or want to get dolled up for the holidays without breaking your holiday budget, Super Store will be the place to shop.

I think my favorite part is that I can walk in and buy a Turkey and a pair of gold sequin shorts at the same time. Amazing.


  1. i love joe fresh! i remember when the merchandise first came to superstore (i'm originally from vancouver island, so duncan was the nearest location) & all the girls i knew were (and still are) going crazy over everything.

    i love their polishes! for the price of ONE OPI polish you can get three joe polishes. perfect & such a good deal!

  2. Great re-cap, Melissa! You got some great photos that day. It was good to see you and I'd like to thank you for cropping the bottom part of the photo of us out (at least I think you did) because of how unflattering the bottom part was in the shots I got ;)

    Have a great week and hope to see you soon!

  3. Kate McLean and I were just chatting last night about the Joe Fresh holiday items, which reminds me I need to go take a look tomorrow! I hear there are a lot of sequins :)

  4. The Joe Fresh holiday collections look great, thanks for posting. I will definitely be checking out the Joe Fresh store next time I'm downtown.

  5. I'm just now starting to hear about joe fresh but I'm still not completely sure what it is. Looks awesome though! how fun is this! P.S. I absolutely love your hair :)

    new post-->The House of Shoes :)

  6. Great review sweets!! I cant believe xmas is this close!!! I feel sooo behind, lol

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  7. Aw, love the photo of you & Jen! So cute! And Joe Fresh is amazing lately... I have had to prioritize so much! I got the tweed jumper and the lace skirt, but seriously need to add in some of the sequins! I love the black sequined striped shirt, and you mentioned sequin shorts?! I def did not see those in my store but they sound amazing!!

  8. looks like so much fun, I love those little red flats and of course all of the sparkles...and you are looking just beautiful with your hair that color Melissa, love it!
    xo Cara

  9. So sad that I missed this, can't wait for my program to be done so that I can start seeing you ladies more! Seriously Melissa, I can't say it enough, I love your hair! I just think it looks amazing against your eyes. Anyway, hope your Monday is good so far love :)

    Alexandra xo


  10. I want to move in to this house! Or even just the closet ; )

  11. I absolutely love when Christmas time rolls around. Buying people pretty presents is one of my favorite things!


  12. I love all the holiday decor! This is my first Christmas on my own-I can't wait to decorate my place and make it all festive.

  13. The make up and shoes are what I am immediately drawn to. Look at all those shades! It doesn't hurt that Joe Fresh's packaging is so clean and simple.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  14. i'm a joe fresh lover!
    so lucky that you got to go and check out the holiday goodies! i'm such a sucker for holiday goodies....

  15. I like the tableware - surprisingly!! Joe Fresh continues to pleasantly surprise with stylish gear and great prices. Good stuff.


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