Anjolee Diamond Tennis Bracelet

For some reason I'm not a huge accessorizer. I always admire people who can accessorize the heck out of an outfit but I tend to go for one focus piece, like a statement necklace. Otherwise I like dainty pieces like pearl earrings or a diamond tennis bracelet. That's how I accessorized my last outfit and I was about to post these pictures in the outfit post until I realized that this gorgeous bracelet from Anjolee deserved a post of it's own.

I have always drooled over tennis bracelets because they are exactly my style. This one is gorgeous. I received a handful of compliments within minutes of wearing it. If you're looking for Christmas present ideas for a lady in your life, you should head over to Anjolee and see their selection of jewelry. Not only do they have stunning diamond tennis bracelets, but they also have earrings, necklaces and pendants. They also carry men's bracelets!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Melissa, I just CAN'T get over how fabulous your hair looks, & that bracelet is beautiful! I love how subtle is - it's the perfect accessory, off to check out their site. xo v

  2. I am with you on the whole accessorizing thing- I as well always tend to just pick one statement piece. This bracelet is very pretty- light and girly. Love it!
    Good luck!


  3. I always wanted a tennis bracelet! Yours looks super nice!

  4. That bracelet is so sweet and pretty! I'm usually too lazy to accessorize so usually for every day I just wear small pieces but if I'm going out then I try to wear more jewelry!


  5. so pretty and soft! i'm not a huge jewelry person either, but i wouldn't be mad to find that under the christmas tree this year!

  6. OOOOh i love it! But why is it called a tennis bracelet, I never got that... But its very pretty and diamonds are ALWAYS good!

  7. I love this bracelet, it looked so pretty when you wore it out to the Gap event last night, it definitely caught my eye!
    xo Cara

  8. I love subtle pieces like this bracelet - it's so pretty!

    After Sunday Brunch

  9. I love dainty little jewelry like this bracelet. Super sweet!


  10. Very nice designs. Very intricately done. Really a work of art. Every piece is a beautiful creation which is unique and elegant


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