A little bit Country

Wearing: Zara Blouse, American Apparel Skirt, Zara Boots and H&M Scarf

Remember when I was at the farm in Winnipeg and got all dolled up at the farm in head to toe American Apparel to let my Canadian followers know about teambuy.ca and their 50% off AA deal? Well obviously I took advantage of that deal and this is one of the two skirts I bought after the buy was over. Do you know how amazing it was to get 50% off of any item I picked in the store? It makes regular sale shopping seem kind of sad now. And to top it off, every morning I wake up to more Team Buy deals in my email inbox, like 75% off Zumba classes or 81% off at the spa. Sigh.

Okay enough on shopping. Let's talk about the fact that after careful review, this outfit which I originally thought was "ladylike" has turned out to be a little bit country. I guess I was inspired after spending a week on a farm and taking pictures of horses. Which now has me kind of concerned about what might inspire me next weekend when I spend it in Vegas. Let's just hope I don't get pictures of anyone wearing tassels.


  1. LOVE the scarf! Are those horses!? And can I please be part of Team Buy? I could use those deals...

  2. Love the little pattern on the blouse. So cute. I'm loving styling all my dresses and skirts for fall right now.


  3. Haha yes, but a lady IN the country! ;) You've pulled off both looks! And love the print mixing! So awesome about getting such a great deal on the skirt - it's such a pretty piece in such a gorgeous color! Happy weekend, darlin'!

  4. i love the combination of a print blouse and that gorgeous forest green. they are so harmonious with one another.

  5. I like that you combines two cute prints. That horse print scarf is super cute.

  6. I love reading your write-ups, you always make me smile!
    I love this skirt, so glad you bought it, the color looks beautiful, and yay for having tops!! Love the print on this one, especially paired with the scarf.
    You look beautiful!
    Happy Friday,
    xo Cara

  7. Gorgeous outfit! I love your t-shirt and the skirt is so pretty (the colour is amazing!)!

    Have a great weekend!

    Girl about Town XxX

  8. Ahahahaha. Tassels! You crack me up! And this outfit became a new favourite as soon as I saw it. This is a fab colour on you and I love how all these items work together!

  9. Great outfit! Love the skirt!
    Bella xo

  10. i love the colour of the midi skirt and how you mix and matched with the shirt and the scarf - it looks fantastic.


  11. I'm a new follower. Found you totally randomly hitting the "next" button! Love those boots.


  12. Ooo I like the Zara top? Is it recent? I don't remember seeing it in stores, but maybe it's just Richmond location lacking stock. I've been wanting a printed top like that.

    It's so sad scrolling your blog and seeing the transition of summer outfits to fall outfits. :( I miss the warm weather.


  13. That top is precious! Love feeling a little bit country from time to time myself! Even in LA :)

  14. i like that the outfit is riding the line between lady and cowgirl! i think that the butterflies push it into lady territory though...either way it's AWESOME!

    dash dot dotty

  15. aaahhh love the boots!! been looking for ones like those!


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