Playing Dress Up

Wearing: Modcloth Dress & Belt, Zara Pumps


  1. Cute cute cute. Lovin' those red pumps. :)

  2. That dress is just adorable, loveee how you styled it.

  3. I went through the same feeling two weeks ago. Then it got super cold here and I'm getting to layer, that instantly re-energized my love of getting dressed.

    Pretty dress!


  4. And a cute dress it is!
    Hey, I just saw a picture of you in Vancouver View Magazine! Neato!
    Style in the City

  5. love the dress, so pretty and feminine!

  6. I totally play dress-up when I'm bored/feeling down and it's such a great pick-me-up. :)

    xo, alison*elle

  7. I completely sympathise with feeling uninspired... I think for me it's the heat wave that's causing it. I'm ready for fall, and it's too hot to pull out my sweaters :( Glad you have some of your desire to dress up back, I love your white lace dress (and the pockets on it!)

  8. I have been really hot lately, too, although that probably has a lot to do with the fact that whenever I am home I am in my fleece robe, no matter what the temperature. So we've both been playing dress up lately. Yeah you win.

  9. I totally get that uninspired funk every now and then. Next time one comes I'll take your advice and play dress up to pull myself out of it. Thanks Melissa :).

  10. I love playing dress up in my own closet! Great way to try out new styles and experiment with what you already have.

  11. that dress of yours is all out gorgeous Melissa and you are stunning in it! the lace is lovely and the thing i love most about those kinds of fabrics is they really don't crease - bonus time!

    i go through those uninspiring black holes sometimes too, but you've found a way to kick start new levels of awesome and that's so rad!

    hope you've been enjoying our weeks worth of incredible weather and are having a beautiful Sunday too. sorry about a late reply myself, it was brilliant to have you stop by and i look forward to getting more time with you soon! ♥

  12. Pockets! Love this dress, the lace is just so perfect, especially with those cheerful red pumps!
    I know exactly how you feel about the wardrobe slump, I was all geared up for fall and now that it has decided to not come I just don't know what to wear- it seems wrong to be wearing my floaty sundresses mid september!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xx

  13. This dress is gorgeous, and you look great! It's so feminine, and lady-like, love it.



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